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NFTify Development Progress - The Newest Updates

Son Vu
Son Vu
Fri, 18 Jun 2021 09:44
NFTify development progress
Table of Contents

What is NFTify platform?


Our Sprints in the project cover some crucial improvements and features

Talks about the prosperous NFTify are permeating across the crypto world and attract huge attention from NFT admirers who expect a great debut from this prominent project. 

NFTify team is working hard every day to complete the very last features of this platform to bring it to the world. We are making all the best-prepared works to deliver on the promise of launching the NFTify platform.

Here is the overview of what we have done from our sprints and our plan for the last sprint of the project phase.


What is NFTify platform?

NFTify is The No.1 NFT Marketplace Solution where individual creators and businesses can 

  1. Build NFT stores
  2. Sell NFTs
  3. Grow their NFT business

In terms of the number of features offered and the freedom that you can have with your NFT marketplace, it’s the current leading solution for anyone to try out.

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Our Sprints in the project cover some crucial improvements and features

Sprint 24: Airdrop NFTs Is Now Live on NFTify

Brace yourself because, in this latest update, we have plenty of new changes to share with you. In this Sprint, we introduce to you Airdrop - a crucial feature to help you stay in touch with your community, along with enhancements to Bulk Selling and a brand new Refresh NFT Metadata feature to help you keep imported NFTs/collections constantly updated across NFT marketplaces.


Sprint 23: Crypto Top-up via Card Is Now Live

Liked the idea of fiat payment and how you can let buyers make purchases with fiat money?

In this Sprint release, we’re making the experience even better for your buyers by introducing Moonpay integration, which is a way to let your buyers spend fiat money to buy cryptocurrencies and ultimately, increase your NFT sales.


Sprint 22: New Homepage Enhancements Are Live Now

We know you love the customizability that you can have with our platform, which is why in this Sprint 22 release, we’re making it even better for you by adding several homepage customization enhancements to help your NFTs stand out more, as well as to bring a more professional look to your NFT store.


Here are what's new in this Sprint release:

  • A new layout option for the Highlight section 
  • 4 new sections, namely: rich text, image with rich text, video, logo

Sprint 21:  NFT Mystery Box Is Live Now

One of the most highly-anticipated features, NFT Mystery Box, is officially released this sprint to help you infuse the element of surprise into your store! Without further ado, let’s get right to it!


Sprint 20: Advanced NFT Store Theme Customization Is Now Live

In this Sprint, we have various new features, namely Advanced Theme Customization to bring a whole new look and feel to your store, as well as more SEO enhancements to help you have an easier time getting your store in front of interested buyers.


Sprint 19: NFT Bulk Selling Is Now Live 

As promised, bulk selling is a feature that’s coming after our recent NFT Bulk Upload–and here it is.

With this, you can now list up to 1,000 NFTs for sale within minutes, which means no more manual work when putting thousands of NFTs on sale.


Sprint 18: Collaborator Permission Settings Is Now Live on NFTify

In this Sprint 18, we’re introducing various new features to help you have an easier time managing your NFT store – and here’s a full look at it


Sprint 17: Bulk Upload NFTs Is Now Live on NFTify

Say goodbye to the manual work associated with creating NFTs!

In this Sprint 17, we introduce to NFT Bulk Upload – a long-awaited feature that many of you were asking for. With this, you’ll now find it possible to mass upload hundreds of NFTs, as well as to scale up the size of your NFT collections in just a few clicks.


And the best part about this is that Bulk Upload is built right into NFTify, which means you won’t need to rely on third-party applications to get the job done for you.


Sprint 16: NFT Fiat Payment Is Now Live

As you know, here at NFTify, we’re all about removing barriers to make mass adoption of NFT a reality for everyone out there, and with this Sprint release, we have yet another feature – fiat payment – to make NFTs more accessible to the mainstream audience.


Sprint 15: Support for Physical Items Is Now Live

In this Sprint 15, we have various under-the-hood changes to help you connect and reward your buyers in the best way possible


Sprint 14: NFT Auction is Live Now

In this Sprint 14, we have various new features to add more variety in the way you can sell your NFTs, namely Auction & Whitelisting


Sprint 13: Discount Code is Live Now

It’s that time of the month again when we introduce to you our Sprint release. In this Sprint 13, we have various new features along with UI/UX improvements to get you off to a great start for 2022. 


Sprint 12: NFT Multi-store collaborators is now live on NFTify

It’s that time of the month again when we introduce to you our monthly Sprint release. In this Sprint 12, we have various new features to help you unlock more potential for your NFTify store.


Sprint 11: NFT Collection Import is Now Live on NFTify

We’re excited to announce to you various critical features to help you have an easier time creating and promoting your NFT store. These features are a part of our Sprint 11 which is due to go live this week, and the best part is that you’ll be able to enjoy all this with no added cost.


Sprint 10: Payment in Custom Tokens is Live Now

We announced many exciting and unique features of NFTify that could bring the viewing and buying experience in NFT stores created on our platform to the next level.


Sprint 9: Buy and Resale NFT is Now Live

We announced many new exciting and unique features that are officially live on our platform.


Sprint 8: Sell NFT On Multi Chain - Multi Chain Integration

NFTs’ market capitalization has increased by over 1785 percent in 2021, surpassing $19 billion.

As a result, NFT marketplaces, where you can trade digital assets, are proving to be a lucrative source of money, with unheard-of returns.


However, selecting the best platform to begin minting your NFT is not always an easy process, since there are a plethora of NFT markets that have sprung up to meet the astronomically high needs of this hugely profitable trend.


Sprint 7: NFT Collection Creation Is Now Live On NFTify

We announced many new exciting and unique features that are officially LIVE on our platform.


Sprint 6: NFTs Store On Ethereum & Polygon Chain

We announced many new exciting and unique features that are officially live on our platform.


Sprint 2 & 3: “Sell Order” and “Buy Now” for NFT items


We are excited to embark on this all-development process. 

To wrap up, we will make some incremental improvements to the available functions, perfect the UX experience, and add up some important content to the platform in the NFTify development process

We are trying our best to ensure that NFTify when coming into the light, will present the most completed state and deliver a safe, secure, and class-leading platform for users.


Let’s stay tuned and don’t forget to follow our page and socials to stay up-to-date on the latest news of the NFTify project, events, and product development updates.


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