Crypto Top-up via Card Is Now Live | Sprint 23 Release | NFTify
Crypto Top-up via Card Is Now Live!
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Crypto Top-up via Card Is Now Live | Sprint 23 Release

Son Vu
Son Vu
Wed, 27 Jul 2022 12:01
Nftify Intergrates Moonpay for Crypto Top-up via Card

Liked the idea of fiat payment and how you can let buyers make purchases with fiat money? 


In this Sprint release, we’re making the experience even better for your buyers by introducing Moonpay integration, which is a way to let your buyers spend fiat money to buy cryptocurrencies and ultimately, increase your NFT sales.


With Moonpay integration, basically, all stores on the NFTify platform can let buyers from over 160+ supported countries spend fiat money and buy from a list of over 80+ cryptocurrencies. The crypto bought will be directly deposited into their connected crypto wallet, and they can continue on buying your NFTs seamlessly.


You can think of fiat-to-crypto as an add-on in the checkout stage that’s integrated by default in your NFTify store. Customers coming into your NFT store can always have the option to buy crypto with fiat money:

buy crypto with fiat money


And when clicking on Add funds with Visa/Mastercard, buyers will be redirected to another page where they buy crypto with their local currency:

Buying crypto with local currency
Buying crypto with local currency


The whole crypto-buying process with Moonpay integration is as streamlined as it gets. It only takes a few minutes for first-time buyers to go through with the KYC process.


Prices for cryptocurrencies are dynamically updated every 10s, and buyers can get to enjoy the full-fledged security that comes with our Moonpay integration.


And that’s it for this Sprint 23 release. With the new fiat-to-crypto feature, you can encourage non-crypto buyers to go through with their purchases while at the same time. 


In the long term, this means improved conversion rates because of the now streamlined purchasing experience, and hopefully, with this, we can onboard even more Web2 users to the Web3 space.


Go ahead & open your NFT stores via:

Introducing Sprint 23 Release | Crypto Top-up via Card with Moonpay Integration

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Crypto Top-up via Card
Is Now Live!
Make the purchasing experience even better for both the non-crypto buyers and crypto buyers with our introduction of the new Crypto Top-up via Card feature powered by Moonpay.