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NFTify Platform Development | Sprint 2 And Sprint 3

Son Vu
Son Vu
Tue, 08 Jun 2021 09:44
Sprint demo 02
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The last sprint is underway and puts the finishing touch to our projects

We announced many new exciting and unique features that are officially live on our platform Sprint 3:

  • We improved the function ofSell Order” and “Buy Now” for NFT items, the effective options for buyers to buy and make bargains with the store owner.
  • The sorting features in the “New Arrival” and “Coming Soon” section help users to re-arrange the NFTs showcase in the logical and easy-to-spot order.
  • The customize theme plugins also were completed in this phase. The store owner can manipulate the suite of available themes to decorate their website including the store name, footer, banner, logo image, description, avatar.
  • The NFT highlights were developed to help store owners feature their most crucial items and get attraction from buyers.
  • The transaction status records all the transaction ID, date and time, status, and payment around NFT items, helping users to effectively manage their spending and budget.

You can check out our 3rd Sprint Demo video to see lively interaction!


To update our progress, we have created a short video outlining Sprint 2 Demo Features of NFTify outlining:

  • Store’s homepage (for the buyer)
  • Discover
  • Make offer
  • Create/manage Sell order (for store owner)

The next sprint demo will come in 2 weeks! Please subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay tuned for new video releases. 


The last sprint is underway and puts the finishing touch to our projects

  • The ‘About us”, “FAQ”, “Terms of Use”, and “Contact us” contents are composed and will soon come into sight to provide a profound picture of the NFTify platform and concrete guidelines for users.
  • Category management is also built for users to group up the NFT items. The categories will contain default categories where the user has the available topics to distribute their NFT items and customized categories where the user can come up with their own topic for the items.
  • The setting page in which users can sign up or update the information about their profile details, their store information, and the accessing regulation with password activation, google authentication, and many more.
  • The email notification will also be made to notify the user about the profile update, successful sign-up, and all the changes and results around trading NFT activities.

Go ahead & open your NFT stores via:

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Son Vu
Son Vu
Content Strategist
Son Vu is a passionate Content Strategist at NFTify. He likes listening to podcasts and is a geek.
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