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New Homepage Enhancements Are Live Now | Sprint 22 Release

Son Vu
Son Vu
Mon, 18 Jul 2022 03:35
Homepage Enhancements Sprint 22 NFTify
Table of Contents

New layout for Highlight section


Four new homepage sections

We know you love the customizability that you can have with our platform, which is why in this Sprint 22 release, we’re making it even better for you by adding several homepage customization enhancements to help your NFTs stand out more, as well as to bring a more professional look to your NFT store.


Here are what's new in this Sprint release:

  • A new layout option for the Highlight section 
  • 4 new sections, namely: rich text, image with rich text, video, logo

Let’s get right into it: 

New layout for Highlight section

For your highlighted NFTs, you can now have the option to choose the Carousel layout to place more visual focus on your NFTs

carousel highlight nfts
Carousel highlights

To do this, go to Themes > Customize > Choose Highlights > Choose Carousel display layout

carousel layout nftify

Here, you can configure up to 5 NFTs to be featured in the carousel. Do note that the NFTs need to have been created beforehand in order for them to be shown in the drop-down list:

drop-down list nftify
Choosing NFTs from a drop-down list

Four new homepage sections

When customizing the theme, you can now add four new sections to your homepage, which are:

  • Rich text: decorative text that you can freely use to either tell your brand's story or relay a message to your buyers. A CTA button is also supported under the rich text
  • Image with rich text: pair text with an image to diversify your content types and impress visitors
  • Video: tell your brand story with the video format, effectively motivating more visitors to buy
  • Logo: showcase a series of logos or icons to let visitors know what you’ve been up to, such as your partners, media coverage, marquee clients, and so on
Clicking on Add Section opens up the newly enhanced sections


1. Rich text

Rich text is the decorative text that you can add as a section on your homepage. When added, rich text includes a (H1) title, a subheading, and a CTA button to direct buyers to a page of your choosing.

rich text NFTify

Especially for the CTA button, you can choose from three button styles which are: default (normal buttons), outline, or text link.

Choose from 3 button styles

2. Image with text

You can now add images with text over on your homepage. This is arguably one of the most critical features in this sprint release as images added with text are more flexible as this section supports various layouts for you to choose from.

image with text nftify
Image with text supports four different display layouts

3. Video

With the new Video section, you can add YouTube or Vimeo URLs to be displayed on your homepage, either in full width or fixed width. Additionally, here you can also customize the heading to your liking, as well as add alt text to your video for better search rankings.

video nftify
Adding video to homepage


4. Logo

The new Logo section is the perfect fit to help you showcase your partners, achievements, or just a bunch of images. You can list up to 5 logos in a row and choose to display them in either grid or slider style.

logo nftify

And that’s it for this Sprint 22. Hopefully, with the new enhancements introduced in this Sprint, your homepage can see a new and improved look that is a better representation of your awesome NFT brand and ultimately help convert your store visitors to buyers.

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Son Vu
Son Vu
Content Strategist
Son Vu is a passionate Content Strategist at NFTify. He likes listening to podcasts and is a geek.
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