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NFT Airdrop Is Now Live on NFTify | Sprint 24 Announcement

Son Vu
Son Vu
Mon, 15 Aug 2022 11:22
NFT airdrop feature release
Table of Contents

NFT Airdrop


Enhanced NFT bulk selling


Refresh NFT metadata

Brace yourself because, in this latest update, we have plenty of new changes to share with you. In this Sprint, we introduce to you Airdrop - a crucial feature to help you stay in touch with your community, along with enhancements to Bulk Selling and a brand new Refresh NFT Metadata feature to help you keep imported NFTs/collections constantly updated across NFT marketplaces.


Let’s get right into it:

NFT Airdrop

Feel like you’re running out of ways to run promotional campaigns for your NFT brand? With this new feature, you can set up airdrops that your buyers can participate in and claim your free NFTs, and this means another way to run more varied campaigns such as promotional campaigns, or as added value for your existing campaigns.


To find the new Airdrop feature, head over to your NFTify Admin Panel and check for the new Airdrop tab: 

From the new Airdrop tab, you can start on creating your airdrops, and the process is as easy as it gets. We currently support airdrops consisting of 1000 NFTs maximum, with flexible airdrop durations and claim limits.


And to bring more values to your future airdrops, we also made sure that our existing features such as Whitelist and Physical Item are fully compatible with airdrops     and that means the ability to restrict the claiming of airdrops to a specific list of wallet addresses, along with the ability to attach physical items to go with your airdrops.


The best part? Airdrop is a separate, brand-new menu on your NFT store, essentially creating a better – more streamlined – purchasing experience for your buyers. 

Airdrop is a separate section on your store
Airdrop is a separate section in your store

Enhanced NFT bulk selling

Being the first-on-the-market feature, our bulk selling feature was initially faced with some limitations that required more time to polish. And now, we’re proud to announce that the feature is simply made better – with more add-on features, namely: 

  • Fiat payment (available only on Polygon): allow your buyers to pay in fiat money and get paid in MATIC
  • Payout group: split up the sale of any NFT with various stakeholders
  • Discount code: create more innovative campaigns with flexibly-customizable discount codes
  • Whitelist: drive more exclusivity to your NFTs by restricting them to a specific list of wallet addresses

With these enhancements, there’s virtually no difference – features-wise – between creating a single sell order and creating multiple ones anymore, as all the add-ons for creating sell orders are now supported by default.

Refresh NFT metadata

For your imported NFTs/NFT collections, keeping them constantly updated – especially between NFT marketplaces – can be bothersome or downright impossible. And since your buyers need to know exactly what they’re purchasing, a feature to keep your NFTs constantly synchronized with the blockchain network is crucial.


Because of this, on both the buyer side and the admin side, we have added a new ability for you to refresh NFT metadata with a single click of button. With this, we hope to make the process of managing your imported NFTs/NFT collections a little bit easier for you, as synchronizing metadata of your NFTs between marketplaces can now be done with ease. 

Refresh metadata on the buyer (left) and admin (right) side

Upon clicking on refresh metadata, a request will be made to the blockchain network to retrieve the latest information on your NFTs and/or your NFT collections. Expect a little bit of delay for your NFTs to be fully updated, but the whole process shouldn’t take you any longer than a few minutes.


And that’s it for this Sprint release. Hopefully, with all the new features and enhancements introduced in this, you can see yourself having more freedom to create more varied campaigns to promote your NFT business – and we’ll see you in the next Sprint.

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