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NFT Auction is Live Now in Sprint 14 Release

Son Vu
Son Vu
Wed, 19 Jan 2022 12:47
sprint 14 release

In this Sprint 14, we have various new features to add more variety in the way you can sell your NFTs, namely Auction & Whitelisting.


Let’s get right into it:

Drive-up the values of your NFTs with Auction

With this new Auction feature, you can triple or even quadruple revenues from your NFTs by letting buyers decide the prices for you. 



You can create timed auctions that last up to seven days, and buyers can place bids based on your pre-configured minimum bids and increments:


 Reward your early supporters with Whitelist

Since users who make the whitelist and later sell their newly-minted NFTs gain a profit 75.7% of the time versus just 20.8% for users who do so without being whitelisted, we feel that this is a good way to start your year right – with huge revenue numbers.

Starting from Sprint 14, you’ll now be able to create whitelists and choose which specific wallet addresses can get to buy your NFTs. And this means another way to run more specialized campaigns, and you’ll have more ways to reward your devoted supporters.


And that’s it for this Sprint 14. In our next Sprint which is poised to become very soon, expect to see more works done in-store customizability, along with a special theme template for NFTify’s most popular store category.



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