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Sell any NFTs,
any way you like

Create, elevate and manage all your NFT listings and earnings with ease.
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For any assets you can think of

Literally. All is possible - even a Tweet can be sold at $3 million. See what our people are creating!

Get paid in any currency

buy nft with native tokens
Native tokens
We provide all the essential tokens including the chain currency, our $N1 token, and stable coins.
buy nft with custom tokens
Custom tokens
Add any tokens you & your customers use as a payment currency for your marketplace.
buy nft with fiat payment
Fiat payment
Allow customers to pay by credit card, while you still receive the revenue in crypto.
* Available on Polygon.
nft creator story - Mike De Zilva
They call themselves the Shopify for NFTs, but NFTify is more of a white-label platform than Shopify actually is.
Mike De Zilva
nft creator story - [object Object]
NFTify allowed me to create NFTs the way I wanted to, and not force me into a box that I didn't want to be in.
Carl Cleanthes,
Cleanthes Studios

There is more than one way to sell NFTs

Discover different NFT listing methods to get you the maximum revenue possible
nft selling methods - instant sale
Instant Sale
The easiest of it all. Set a price for your NFTs so that customers can directly purchase.
nft selling methods - make offer
Make an Offer
If you’re not so fixed on pricing, allow buyers to suggest one they’re willing to pay for.
nft auction
Got a hot item? Turn this feature on and let buyers bid for it. May the best man win.
nft mystery boxs
Mystery Boxes
Add the element of surprise to your NFT collection. Everything is random - you’ll never know what you get till d-day!

And to make your offers irresistible

Quickly turn browsers to buyers with added values, exclusivity and urgency.
whitelist nft offer
Grant exclusive access to specific users to mint your NFTs for a specific period.
discount nft code
An old but gold trick. Encourage visitors to buy now for a discounted price!
nft unlockable content
Unlockable Content
Create additional content only to be revealed by the token buyer.
sell nft physical product
Physical product
Elevate your NFT ownership with complimentary gifts - ready to ship anytime!

Manage everything in one place

manage nft revenue
Get a detailed overview of how your store is doing at any given moment.
manage secondary sales
Secondary sales
Set the royalty fees and track reselling activities of your NFTs.
nft store collaborators
Manage store fees, payouts and all things related to your creative partners.

Master the art of selling

You've got the idea, we've got the tool: Let's make it happen!
No upfront cost needed!