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Collaborator Permission Settings Is Now Live on NFTify | Sprint 18 Release

Son Vu
Son Vu
Wed, 13 Apr 2022 14:10
Collaborator permission settings NFTify

In this Sprint 18, we’re introducing various new features to help you have an easier time managing your NFT store – and here’s a full look at it


Collaboration permission settings

Understanding that scaling up your NFT business requires collaborative efforts from multiple parties, in this Sprint release, we’re introducing more ways for collaborators to help you out, and this ranges from selling your NFTs, and configuring the look and feel for your store, to setting up your marketing tool and producing/managing your blog.


You can find a new Permission column in Settings > Collaborators.

NFTify collaborator permissions

This setting reflects the permission settings you have set for your collaborators. If you haven’t configured the permissions for your collaborators yet, simply click on Edit on a collaborator.

This will open up a new window where you can freely configure the permissions for collaborators:

Collaborator permission settings NFTify


Support for Google Tag Manager

Coming with this Sprint release is also a new built-in marketing tool that many of you were asking for – Google Tag Manager (GTM). With this, you’ll now find the whole process of adding and updating your tags a lot easier, and this means better conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more insightful marketing campaigns.


The integration process for GTM should feel like a breeze for you. To integrate GTM into your store, in your Admin Panel, go to Marketing > General > Analytics, scroll down until you find the Google Tag Manager section.

integrating Google Tag Manager NFTify

Here, simply paste in your Google Tag Manager ID and you should be good to go. We’ll be having a step-by-step tutorial video on how to set up Google Tag Manager for your store so don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!


Support for Coinbase wallet

As part of our effort to help store owners reach more potential buyers, in this Sprint release, we added a brand new crypto wallet that your buyers can use to buy, sell, and transfer NFTs.

Coinbase wallet support NFTify

Note that currently, Coinbase wallet support is limited to the buyer side only, not for store owners. 


Approve/reject/delete multiple NFTs

To make the process of managing NFTs submitted by your collaborators easier for you, we added a new way to mass approve/reject/delete NFTs. To do this, head over to your Admin Panel > NFT, and choose the NFTs that you want to mass approve/reject/delete.


Physical item enhancements 

Last but not least are various other small changes to our UI to help make your experience using NFTify more intuitive and have an easier time managing your NFT business.

During your sales order creation process, you’ll find a new option to add customized messages to physical items, along with an option to make the receiving of your physical item mandatory for buyers. 

NFTify physical items

Additionally, in your Sales History, you can now export information – either all data or data from your current filters – from your sales order. 

Export sales order data NFTify

And that’s it for this Sprint 18. Try all these new changes out in your own store now and let us know what you think on our Telegram community channel!


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