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Advanced NFT Store Theme Customization Is Now Live | Sprint 20 Release

Huy Phung
Huy Phung
Wed, 18 May 2022 13:54
Advanced NFT Store Theme Customization
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Advanced Theme Customization





In this Sprint, we have various new features, namely Advanced Theme Customization to bring a whole new look and feel to your store, as well as more SEO enhancements to help you have an easier time getting your store in front of interested buyers.


Let’s get right into it:

Advanced Theme Customization

When going into Appearance > Theme and customizing the default theme, you should see plenty of new options here to bring a new look and feel to your store. 

NFTify advanced theme customization
More flexibilities with advanced theme customization


The new customizations can be applied either individually per section on your homepage:

per section color settings nftify
Per-section color settings


Or globally, with options including text, buttons, background, and more. 

Global color settings

You can now also choose from over 1,000 fonts to be set as your default font. 

choosing fonts nftify


And to take this even further, we have made it so that you can apply your customization settings on a per-mode basis, which means that you can have two themes for both your light mode and your dark mode.


Learn more: Introducing Sprint 20 Release | Advanced Theme Customization



In addition to enhanced theme customizations, this Sprint also comes with more SEO enhancements, namely sitemap & robots.txt, to help search engines better understand your store. You can find the new SEO enhancements over in Marketing > General.

generating sitemaps nftify

Toggling each option to On will generate a sitemap for either your storefront or your store’s blog. 

The content of your generated sitemap file should look something like so:

example sitemap content nftify
A generated sitemap

With a clearly defined sitemap file like this one, search engines will be able to better understand your store–its page structure and crawling priority–and thus can crawl more efficiently and quickly. 


This is why we recommend that you should always have your sitemap settings turned on for the best SEO performance.



In the same Marketing > General section, you can also find a new robots.txt setting that you can edit to your liking. 


With a robots.txt file, you can instruct search engines on what pages on your website are allowed or disallowed for crawling: 

robots txt nftify
Creating a robots.txt file

Here, you can use either the default robots.txt file provided by us, or you can edit your own robots.txt file and it will be generated accordingly. For reference purposes, we have provided the default robots.txt file.


And that’s it for this Sprint 20. In the next Sprint, we have a highly anticipated feature underway so don’t forget to join our official Telegram group and look out for sneak peeks.


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Huy Phung
Huy Phung
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