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July Monthly Recap: A Look Back on NFTify

Sam Tran
Sam Tran
Tue, 02 Aug 2022 09:38
nftify july monthly recap
Table of Contents

NFTify features updated


NFTify Events


NFTify Creator Stories


NFTify marketplaces of the month


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One-upping June with all its exciting events was a challenging task but turns out it was possible. 

This July, we went a bit more technical. 

NFTify saw several new features, including a new feature to further fuel mass adoption of NFTs, the first-ever anniversary of NFTify platform, an inspiring story from one NFT entrepreneur from Hungary, along with several new materials to help you become familiar with our latest features. 

Let’s dive into it:


NFTify features updated

Two new critical features were released this month to better help you build a better purchasing experience for your buyers


1. New homepage enhancements

new nft store homepage enhancements

We made it even better for you to craft your brand personality by adding several homepage customization enhancements to help your NFTs stand out more, as well as to bring a more professional look to your NFT store.

A new layout option for the Highlight section
4 new sections, namely: rich text, image with rich text, video, logo


→ Learn more: New Homepage Enhancements Are Live Now | Sprint 22 Release


2. Crypto Top-up via Card powered by Moonpay

Crypto Top-up via Card powered by Moonpay

With Moonpay integration, basically all stores on the NFTify platform can let buyers from over 160+ supported countries spend fiat money and buy from a list of over 80+ cryptocurrencies. 

The crypto bought will be directly deposited into their connected crypto wallet, and they can continue on buying your NFTs seamlessly.

→ Learn more: Crypto Top-up via Card Is Now Live | Sprint 23 Release


3. Updates on Cardano integration progress

As mentioned a little while ago, we had the honor of being chosen to be a Grant recipient of the Cardano Project Catalyst - Fund 8, and this means very soon now, NFTify will be able to host NFT projects created on the Cardano chain.

For a quick update, we’re happy to announce that everything is very much on track, with some goals reaching even sooner than expected. Initial testing which includes deploying smart contracts and minting NFTs on the Cardano testnet are all finished.

Updates on Cardano integration progress
We were able to minting NFT on Cardano testnet with correct metadata standard

We’re expecting a demo of the integration in the next few weeks, so make sure to stay tuned and look for more news on our social channels!


NFTify Events

Celebrating the 1st NFTify anniversary

Fast forward to now and over a year has passed since the launch of our platform. It was a year filled with your love and support, as well as your trust in us. 

We’re glad to have been able to have you with us through all this – it’s all thanks to you that our platform was able to keep on growing and became the current no. 1 NFT marketplace solution, with over 12K stores created, 400K listed NFTs, totalling to 17M transaction volume across the platform.

To celebrate our first anniversary, we held a month-long celebration filled with activities and rewards, with a total prize pool of $4000:

Activity 1: Share our 1st anniversary video and tag 3 potential NFT creators/projects to win our $450 reward

Activity 2: Collect our limited edition NFT mystery boxes and win from our prize pool of $500

Activity 3: Get a 50% discount code to buy our Mystery box NFT when opening a new store.

Activity 4: Huge promotional support for 3 stores with the highest transaction volumes

→ Read more: Happy 1st Anniversary to NFTify


NFTify Creator Stories

Renata Hamikus - The First Catwalk NFT Marketplace

Everything starts with an original idea, and it was the same for Renata with her first-ever catwalk NFT marketplace. 

In this episode of our Creator Stories series, we meet up with Renata Hamikus, an NFT entrepreneur and model in Hungary, to talk about her NFT photography Marketplace — which is the first NFT marketplace of its kind.


→ Watch story

NFTify marketplaces of the month

1. Launched this month: SeeME by the Neurocollective

A rising and unique NFT marketplace that we’ve had the pleasure to come across this month is the SeeME NFT marketplace powered by the Neuro Collective. 

Amidst thousands of new NFTify stores created this month, SeeME stands out with its unique mission, values, and the lovely people behind the project. The SeeME ™ NFT collection seeks to reshape, redefine, and challenge the social normative worldview to embrace neurodiversity and the many unique, valuable superpowers that underscore the neurodivergent experience.


→ Explore store: https://seeme.theneurocollective.com/

Store NFT SeeME by the Neurocollective built on NFTify
Store SeeME by the Neurocollective built on NFTify

2. Best-selling NFT marketplace: NFT Exmoc 

The crown of best-selling NFT store this month belongs to none other than NFT Exmoc - a decentralized NFT marketplace for buying NFT Trading Cards. 

Their NFTs give you various privileges and NFT utilities which includes the exclusive right to be in their NFT-owners only club (hence the name, Exclusive members-only club), along with NFT airdrops, and invitations to future offline/online events.


→ Explore store: https://nft.exmoc.com/


Best-selling NFT marketplace: NFT Exmoc

Learn with NFTify

Understanding NFT Mystery Boxes

There are various ways NFT creators are using to drive up the values of their NFTs, namely with NFT utility, physical items, auctions – and arguably the most effective method, NFT mystery boxes. Popular NFT mystery boxes are being sold with trading volumes upwards of millions of dollars, and it’s showing itself to be the new way to incentivize NFT buyers and ultimately, to drive up potential sales for your NFTs.

In this article, we’ll help you learn more about what this new phenomenon in the NFT space really means, and how you can best take advantage of this.

→ Read more: Understanding NFT Mystery Boxes: The Complete Guide

Master Class: How to Create NFT Mystery Boxes

In our latest Master Class tutorial, we walk you through the mystery box creation process in NFTify. Creating an NFT mystery box in NFTify should only take a couple of minutes, and the only part you’ll need to pay special attention to is the amount of NFTs that you want to add to the box, as your NFT quantity decides the final drop rates (and in turn, rarity) of your Series Content.

And that’s it for July. This was an exciting month for us – as it is the anniversary month that marks how far we’ve progressed as a platform. Hopefully, with the new features released in July along with all our new tutorials, you can find yourself confidently creating your own branded NFT marketplace that drives revenues.


→ Go ahead & open your NFT marketplace or store via https://nftify.network/

Sam Tran
Sam Tran
Content Creator
Sam is the Content Creator of NFTify. He’s inspired by learning people’s stories, climbing mountains, and traveling with his partner.
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