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June Monthly Recap: A Look Back on NFTify

Sam Tran
Sam Tran
Thu, 30 Jun 2022 13:41
June Recap NFTify
Table of Contents

Platform updates


NFT Events




NFTify Creator Stories


NFT of the month


To an even better month

June was a busy and exciting month for us, and upon looking back at it, we’re just only realizing now how far we’ve grown as a platform. 

In this month, the NFTify team attended big events, released exciting new platform features, and had plenty of changes that show the growth of our platform.


Let’s dive into it:

Platform updates

This month, we released two new, highly-anticipated features, along with a revamp of our website to better showcase what we do best.

1. NFT mystery boxes

Like the name suggests, a mystery box contains a random product you can only know upon revealing. Applying it to the NFT industry, an NFT Mystery box contains a random NFT from the series content that you can put in, usually ranked in different rarity levels. 
This is an effective selling method that should be adopted by any NFT creators: giving buyers a shot at getting a super-duper rare NFT among common ones to make them buy now and buy more!

Readmore: How to create an NFT mystery box

2. Gasless transactions powered by Biconomy

In Sprint 22, NFTify has partnered with Biconomy to enable gasless transactions for all stores built on our platform. 

By completing the Biconomy integration in your store, you can streamline the purchasing experience by eliminating the need to pay gas fees during all the vital stages of the buyer journey.

Readmore: How to integrate with Biconomy for gasless transactions


3. A fresh new look for NFTify

As our platform grows, so do our offerings to you, NFTify store owners. And in order to best reflect what we have to offer, our new website is updated with a better look & feel to show you the full picture of our offerings.

NFTify website
The new NFTify website interface

With this, we hope that new users will find it easier to navigate through the NFTify platform, and you will find that the platform you love is continuously improving.

Check our new website out


NFT Events

1. Consensus 22 by CoinDesk

With Consensus 22 by CoinDesk being one of the biggest events of the year, we’re proud to announce that the official NFT marketplace for CoinDesk is powered by NFTify. The NFT marketplace is CoinDesk’s way of envisioning a future for DESK – the social token of the CoinDesk community.

Consensus 22 by CoinDesk

With DESK, in-person conference-goers at Consensus 22 can turn their tokens into grub at food trucks, into swag at boots, or even into NFTs in the NFTify-powered CoinDesk NFT marketplace. 

Throughout the event, the NFT marketplace was filled with community-voted NFTs that buyers can buy, trade, and resell.

Visit CoinDesk NFT Marketplace



We were invited to the NFT NYC Awards ceremony as nominees for Best NFT Marketplace Creation Platform & Best Project for NFT Creators, and it was a ton of fun meeting our fans there. There were no prizes to bring home, unfortunately, but we still feel very blessed to have had you cheered and voted for us every step of the way. 


Nikita - NFTify founder at NFT.NYC



Cardano x NFTify

NFTify just recently officially became a funded project with a $100,000 grant from the Cardano Project Catalyst Fund 8! 

For the next step, you can expect Cardano integration to come very soon, and this means any NFT project currently on the Cardano chain can get to build their NFT store and import their NFT collections over to NFTify ⁠— all within seconds.


Cardano x NFTify
Cardano x NFTify: NFTify receives Cardano Fund 8


NFTify Creator Stories

Into a far distant planet called REDsistance

Microbians NFT Creator Stories
Interview Microbians - Founder of REDsistance

With only a passion for drawing and creating artistic things, Gabriel (Microbians) was able to build his own brand with the help of NFTify. 

In this interview, we have Microbians, founder of REDsistance, to talk about his business – from his passion, his motivation, where & how it all started, and his experience creating a store on NFTify.

 → Read the story: Into a Far Distant Planet Called REDsistance | NFT Creator Stories


NFT of the month

Geojam is partnering with the best-selling female artist of all time, Mariah Carey, for the first NFT to benefit two incredible charities, The Fresh Air Fund and Make-A-Wish Foundation. The NFT was sold for 7.1M $JAM (equivalent to over $61,000).

Mariah Carey: Fly with Me NFT
Mariah Carey, Fly With Me” NFT built on NFTify

The sole holder of this one of one “Mariah Carey, Fly With Me” NFT gets to have various exclusive experiences, one of which is the right to fly on a private jet with Mariah Carey to New York as she is inducted into the Song Writer’s Hall of Fame.

Explore Geojam NFT store


To an even better month

We have so many things in store waiting for you this July, so don’t forget to stay tuned and be a part of our Telegram NFTify store owners community. Good things are on the way!


→ Go ahead & open your NFT Music marketplace or store via https://nftify.network/

Sam Tran
Sam Tran
Content Creator
Sam is the Content Creator of NFTify. He’s inspired by learning people’s stories, climbing mountains, and traveling with his partner.
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