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Redefining the Music Streaming Industry | NFT Creator Stories

Ly Dam
Ly Dam
Thu, 18 Aug 2022 07:30
CryptoIndieRadio NFT Creator Stories
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🔎 Interview Questions

Artists invest so much time & money to produce great content and streaming platforms make all the money for it, paying pennies on the dollar. Crypto Indie aims to change this


And indeed, why should streaming platforms take all the bags? Crypto Indie is a breath of fresh air to the music streaming industry, and that’s why here in this interview, we have Majiano, the community advisor of CryptoIndieRadio to talk about how it feels to be a part of this radical movement.

🔎 Interview Questions

Could you please introduce briefly about yourself and your role in the project? 

My name is Majiano, Maj for short. I am a Moneyworld Enterprise founder & recording artist from Sacramento, California. I’m a community advisor for Crypto Indie Radio, helping to bring awareness to the power of web3 for musicians.

Before parterning with CryptoIndieRadio, what were you working on?

Before partnering with Crypto Indie, I was working as a project lead & community manager for NFT projects in web3. I have always been doing music since middle school, so linking up with Crypto Indie was a perfect blend of the two.

What eventually led you into partnering with CryptoIndieRadio? Was it a difficult decision? 

I was already in the NFT space, as a collector. Moving into community management was natural because I love people. Crypto Indie was the first platform I released my music NFTs on & immediately saw the value for artists. It wasn't difficult, people, music, & NFTs are a passion for me. 

Your project seems to have a big focus on being an NFT marketplace dedicated to empowering independent artists through Web3. Can you elaborate a little bit more about this?  

The traditional streaming platforms are a scam. Artists invest so much time & money to produce great content and streaming platforms make all the money for it, paying pennies on the dollar. Crypto Indie aims to change this. We intend to educate artists about how to start making what they deserve. 

CryptoIndieRadio strives to empower independent artists

How did you come up with the idea for your NFTs? Which part of NFTs enables you to do things that you otherwise couldn't? 

I approach music NFTs like digital vinyls. It's a collectible, something to stamp the shift in times & culture. A vinyl is a classic, marking a nostalgic time period in music. 


We're in a new digital age, with NFTs giving us a closer connection to our fanbase. So I put out my digital vinyls & use that to connect with my fanbase closer. 


I'm still learning, and we're still early, but for those who believe in me, this stamps a period in time. As I progress in my musical pursuits, I'm hoping my collectibles will appreciate by me. 

How is the perception of people towards your NFTs in general? 

It's still early, but my first 1/1 NFT collection sold out (SHOUTOUT TO THE DIAMOND FAMILY!!!). 


I'm thankful to have been blessed with an amazing community around me that supports me to the fullest. They push me to drop music & more NFTs. They want to see me win, so there is no way we will lose. They probably could answer it better, but from my perspective, they have supported me harder than I ever could have imagined. 

Credit: CryptoIndieRadio

What is the biggest challenge you faced when you were getting started with your NFT project?

Lack of educational resources. I wanted to do it but didn't know where to start, how to start, or what it would take. In steps, Crypto Indie, equips me with tools & knowledge. This is where I realized I wasn't alone, there must be others who need help getting started. The rest is history.

How did you get to know about NFTify, what convinced you to choose NFTify to power your NFT project? 

My first introduction was through Crypto Indie. After browsing around, I came to find that NFTify aligned with what we believed. A platform that wanted to give power back to the creator. It feels like home. 

What are the results you've achieved with your NFT launch so far? Are you satisfied with it? 

My first project, a five-song ep released as 1/1s, sold out in about a week. I'm currently on my second release, 50 editions of an unreleased track that will never be released on any platforms. 

So far, all has been well. Shifting the public narrative on Polygon has been a bit of fun, haha, but otherwise, all is great. Shoutout to my community!

Would you recommend NFTify to someone else? If yes, why? 

Of course! NFTify makes it so simple for a creator to become their own marketplace, it's an easy choice for me. Also, the team is so awesome, reaching out & welcoming me. I love when platforms get on the ground level to invest back into their users. No brainer, NFTify all the way.

Can you share with the audience about your plan to grow CryptoIndieRadio as well as your future goals? 

My ultimate goal is to educate. I want to give the power back into the hands of musicians in any way I can. Right now, I feel like there isn't enough awareness & educational resources for artists trying to get involved with music NFTs. So, I want to plug myself in to help bridge the gap.


And that should wrap it up for this interview. Thanks a lot, Maj, for trusting in NFTify to empower your NFT marketplace. For everybody else, feel free to browse CryptoIndieRadio, reach Maj on Twitter @Majiano_ to stay up to date with new releases, or join his Club Ratio community to get in on the fun! 


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