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White Label NFT Marketplace: The Complete Guide

Son Vu
Son Vu
Thu, 07 Jul 2022 15:54
White Label NFT Marketplace
Table of Contents

White label NFT marketplace — what is it?


Pros & cons of an NFT marketplace white-label solution


Best white label NFT marketplace solutions﹣TOP 5


Highlighting features of the best white label NFT marketplace





NFT marketplaces are all the hype these days, and given the benefits that an NFT marketplace has to offer – such as revenues from NFT sales – the hype is very well deserved. 


In this article, you'll learn about everything white label NFT marketplaces – from what it is, what are its typical features, and how you can best go about developing your own white label NFT marketplace.


White label NFT marketplace — what is it?

A white label NFT marketplace is one that is pre-built and fully customizable to your NFT business needs. 

Because of its ready-made nature, a NFT white label marketplace should be pre-integrated with all the essential features to support buyers & creators to create freely, buy, trade, and sell NFTs; and you only need to apply your own NFT business branding so that the NFT marketplace can look like your own.


📌  Example of  nft marketplace white label

NFTify is a white label, free-for-all NFT marketplace solution where anyone can create their own NFT marketplace with relatively little effort. 

With NFTify, you can launch your own NFT marketplace within minutes – all without touching a line of code, and the best part is that the NFT marketplace is highly scalable with tons of built-in features to boost your NFT sales.


Pros & cons of an NFT marketplace white-label solution

To know what you’re really getting into here, it’s worth it to weigh all the pros and cons and see if a white-label NFT marketplace is the right solution for you.


  • Ready-made & functional: a white label NFT marketplace should be developed with all the essential features and functionalities for the best experiences 
  • Customizable: you can apply your own branding to the NFT marketplace to make it your own
  • Tailored: depending on your needs, the white label NFT marketplace solution provider can work on providing a custom NFT marketplace with your requirements in mind
  • Fast Time-to-market: a white label NFT marketplace is pre-made and with only a little bit of customization, you can launch your own branded NFT marketplace in no time at all
  • Cost-saving: the pre-made nature of a white label NFT marketplace means that your NFT marketplace won’t be developed from scratch, which helps to save overall development costs


  • Custom features: because of its pre-made nature, the development of entirely new, customized features tailored for your business needs can be relatively challenging and take a bit of time
  • Brand identity overlap: depending on the degree of customization allowed in the UI/UX of the white label NFT marketplace solution, you might run into issues where your NFTmarketplace is hard to distinguish from other NFT marketplaces using the same solution     

Faced with these cons, a white-label NFT marketplace development might not be a good fit for some businesses due to the increased development cost and time-to-market – but there are other options: you can rely on NFT marketplace solutions such as NFTify to deploy your own NFT marketplace within minutes.


With the advent of NFTify, the average, non-tech-savvy person can launch their own feature-packed NFT marketplace within minutes – all without any upfront costs or blockchain knowledge. It is the new revolutionized way to do NFT marketplaces.


Best white label NFT marketplace solutions﹣TOP 5

Here comes the tough part – picking out a solution provider to trust with your NFT marketplace’s development process. To help you with this whole process, we’ll pick out the 5 best white label NFT marketplace services based on our criteria.

Criteria - picking out an NFT Marketplace solution

In order for the list to be as objective as possible, we’ll try to choose our white label NFT marketplace solution providers based on the following criteria: 

  • Proven reliability: the solution must be stable with acceptable performance, amount of bugs, and trustworthiness
  • Features: the solution should provide an adequate amount of elements fundamental to the operations of an NFT marketplace. Bonus points are added if more critical advanced features are provided.
  • Costs: the total cost (transaction fees, subscription prices, or one-time payment) to run your own NFT marketplace must be considered cheaper compared to other white label NFT marketplace solutions
  • Customer support: assistance must be provided quickly and accurately to address problems during in-store operations 

1. NFT Kred -white label NFT Marketplace

Boasted to be 100% white label and with 0% transaction fees, NFT Kred is pretty much up there in our list of current best-ranked white label NFT marketplace solutions – but it comes with a rather expensive price tag.


The platform is packed with features, is stable, and has a responsive team to answer any questions you might have. With its subscription plan for medium-sized projects which costs $10k a month, for example, you can create up to 50 white label NFT hubs, sell NFTs on both your NFT hub and on OpenSea, and customize your store with the built-in theme customizer or with custom CSS. 


Overall, for NFT projects (high budget NFT gaming projects as an example), who feel that the prices of NFT Kred won’t put a big dent in your budget, it’s pretty much as good a solution as it gets.  


  • 0% transaction fee
  • Intuitive onboarding experience
  • Packed with essential features
  • Can sell on both NFT hub and OpenSea


  • Expensive
  • Support only Ethereum and Polygon

From $10K setup + $3k/mo (small project) to $25K setup + $10k/mo (medium project)


2. NFTify - The leading no-code NFT Marketplace solution

no-code NFT Marketplace solution

The acclaimed No.1 NFT marketplace solution, is the ideal choice for anyone who’s looking to start out their NFT business. 


The platform is feature-packed rich and with support for three popular chains (Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, and Cardano), along with first-on-the-market features like built-in bulk NFT upload, custom payment token, and so on.


NFTify has a healthy community of NFT marketplace owners behind it, responsive support, and the best part is that it’s totally free, with only a 2.5% transaction fee to keep the platform going. 


When creating an NFT on NFTify, you also get complete control over your NFTs with your own smart contract, which makes it easier to import your NFT collections to other NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible


  • Packed with critical features
  • Easy and intuitive UX
  • Free for all
  • Integrated marketing tools
  • Highly scalable with features like collaborators, bulk upload, and payout groups


  • Has a 2.5% transaction fee 

Prices:  Free for all

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3.  Curios - Web3 tools for every creator & business

One name that’s been popping up lately is Curios and fortunately, it’s for good reason. They currently are the platform behind 8,366 NFT marketplaces, all thanks to their good feature set and powerful API.

The platform is highly customizable with plenty of customization options, including even custom pages with CSS. You can even create your own email marketing flow with custom email templates, and for buyers that have yet to create a crypto wallet, Curios supports custodial wallets which buyers can use to buy NFTs without needing to know about crypto.


  • Good features set 
  • Custodial wallet support
  • REST API for integration purposes
  • Supports four chains: Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, and Solana


  • Expensive
  • No option to add custom token
  • Doesn’t support mystery box


  • $99/mo (Starter) to $499/mo (Business)


4. NFTically - Buy/Sell or Launch Your Own NFT Store

Placed third on the list is NFTICALLY, another attractive solution for NFT entrepreneurs. When compared to NFTify, the platform shines when it comes to the sheer number of features and functionalities offered, although it doesn’t really say the whole picture.


The platform is infamous for its lackluster performance and instability which aren’t really up-to-par with its price tags. If you’re just getting started, chances are you won’t be using the full feature set of a platform anyway, and coupled with other issues like high transaction fees and steep subscription plan prices, it’s hard to recommend NFTICALLY to newcomers to the NFT space.


  • Good features set 
  • Free to start


  • Lack of critical features like bulk selling, mystery box, and add-on physical items
  • Poor & inactive community
  • High transaction fees 

Free to start | $299/mo (Professional) | $999/mo (Enterprise)


5. Niftify - Start and run your NFT business in minutes

Having been only just recently out of the early access stage and launched this September 5, Niftify is quickly gaining attraction because of its adequate feature offering and intuitive onboarding experience. When first trying out the platform, you’ll be impressed at the number of available templates you can choose from along with its engaging UI/UX, however, the ‘adequate’ part of their feature offering is highly stressed here as this is where they lose out to their competitors.      

And to top it off, their community is rather on the smaller side with low active user count than both NFTICALLY and NFTify, which may be troublesome when you’re just getting started.


  • Good customization options with various available templates to choose from
  • Clear-cut and easy onboarding experience
  • Free to start and use the available features, subscription fees are only charged when you publish your store/marketplace


  • Lack of diverse selling methods e.g.,  mystery box, discount, whitelist, airdrop
  • Lack of critical features e.g., fiat payment, custom token
  • Only Ethereum & Polygon chains are supported
  • Poor & inactive community

Free to start | $245/mo (Store) | $2,450/mo (Marketplace)


*The reference you may interested:

white label nft marketplace comparison table
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Highlighting features of the best white label NFT marketplace

Not all white label NFT marketplaces are the same, but at the core of it, a fully-functional white label NFT marketplace should be pre-integrated with the following features and functionalities:

white label nft marketplace highlighting features
Highlighting features of an NFT Marketplace

1. NFT Minting Process With White Label NFT Marketplace

Since an NFT marketplace deals with NFT transactions on a daily basis, it’s essential that the whole NFT minting process is, at the least, functional and error-free. 


Some white label NFT minting platforms currently offer both lazy minting (NFT gas fees are paid at the point of purchase) and traditional minting methods (gas fees are paid at the point of NFT creation) – both of which serve different purposes for different target audiences.


2. Crypto Payment

On top of NFT minting, an NFT marketplace requires crypto payment for virtually all of its transactions, making it a vital feature you can’t do without. 


With crypto payment, both creators and sellers can make safe, secure, and transparent transactions with cryptocurrencies, and the transactions live forever on the blockchain & available for viewing with all their details.

3. Customizable

The white label nature of an NFT marketplace means that it has a level of customizability with which you can apply your own branding – and popular white label NFT marketplaces should all support this.


At the base level, you should expect basic customizability such as the ability to change the header & footer of the NFT marketplaces to add some touches to your brand. On a more advanced level, you should expect the ability to deep-customize your NFT marketplace further with theme customization, add-ons, and so on.


4. Management dashboard

To make sure that your NFT marketplace is scalable and management won’t be a pain point for you, your chosen white label NFT marketplace should have a holistic management dashboard in which you can see & control everything that goes inside your NFT marketplace in one place. The dashboard should include reports of your NFT sales, your recent transactions, user activities, and so on.

white label nft marketplace management dashboard
An example of a management dashboard on NFTify



Navigating through white label NFT marketplace solutions – and understanding what a white label NFT marketplace is – is hard, but it doesn’t need to be. Hopefully, with the help provided by this article, you can find yourself confidently choosing for yourself a good white label NFT marketplace solution provider to jumpstart your NFT project.


→ Go ahead & open your white label NFT Marketplace via: http://nftify.network/ 

your whitelabel nft marketplace no upfront cost, no coding required


1. What is a white label NFT marketplace?     
A white label NFT marketplace is one that is pre-built and fully customizable to your business needs. A white label NFT marketplace should be pre-integrated with all the essential features to support buyers & creators to create freely, buy, trade, and sell NFTs.


2. How much does a white-label NFT marketplace cost?     
With a typical white-label NFT marketplace solution that provides complete services, you should expect the total development cost to be around 10,000 USD to 90,000 USD. 


3. How much does it cost to maintain an NFT marketplace?     
For NFT marketplaces that were built with no-code NFT marketplace builders, you would need to pay a subscription fee to publish as well as to keep the NFT marketplace going. This is the bare minimum fee as on top of this one, there are also transaction fees.


4 . Which white-label marketplace solution is best for NFT?     
It depends on what you define as best. NFTify along with nftify.io are currently head-to-head in the technology department as they both offer competitive features such as multi-chain and fiat payment. In terms of fees, NFTify is still the most affordable one with a 2.5% transaction fee and no monthly subscription fee.

Son Vu
Son Vu
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