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How To Upload Multiple NFTs At Once | NFT Bulk Upload

Ly Dam
Ly Dam
Fri, 06 May 2022 11:59
NFT bulk upload tools

According to Crypto Potato, the launching of NFT collections has had a year-over-year increase of over 15k collections, and there are presently over 80k NFT collections in the NFT ecosystem. Thus, showing the relentless efforts of NFT creators and projects. 

However, NFT creators are facing a major challenge in their course of business: NFT creators can neither upload nor list hundreds or thousands of their NFTs for sale at once. It's high time this setback is permanently solved so there can be a greater level of productivity in the space. 

These problems persist because a lot of NFT marketplaces like OpenSea don't currently support NFT bulk upload. As a result, NFT creators have to upload the collectibles one after the other, and this could last for days or perhaps weeks because one NFT collection can have up to 10,000 items. 

To solve this, NFT creators have two options: either they hire Developers to help them out or they use third-party solutions. But over time, they often opt for the latter because Developers often charge higher than the price of average bulk upload tools. 

To this end, we will take a look at the concept of bulk uploading and its benefits. Beyond that, we will thoroughly assess the current third-party solutions. Read on. 

What Is NFT Bulk Upload? 

Bulk upload refers to the process where NFT store owners can transfer NFTs en masse from wherever they were initially stored into an NFT marketplace's server and also list them for sale. NFT creators find this easier than the manual upload of their collectibles. To bulk upload, you'd need to take a few steps:

  • Keep all your collectibles in a single folder 
  • Write down each collectible's Metadata and other details in an excel file as you want them to appear 
  • Upload both the collectibles and Metadata to the third-party tool
  • The third-party tool sends everything to your NFT marketplace at once
  • The tool will also list all the NFTs, along with their details, for sale once on the marketplace 

What then is the benefit of bulk uploading? 

What Are The Benefits of Bulk Upload? 

This solution has two main benefits:

1. Saves Time

NFT upload is usually carried one after the other, and this can take a lot of time which can be up to a week or even longer. But NFT bulk upload solutions free the creators from manual uploading which can be both stressful and overwhelming. 

In addition, bulk upload also helps founders of NFT projects to list their NFTs for sale at once instead of doing it one by one. Bulk upload can be done in a matter of minutes with only a few clicks. 

2. Removes Manual Error 

While it might be easy to manually upload a single NFT without any error, it would be a different case if there are thousands of NFTs to be uploaded. As an NFT creator, you are bound to mix-up the details of NFTs that are up to 10,000. 

But with an NFT bulk upload solution, the upload is automated and the chances of error are extremely low because the details of each NFT would have been thoroughly added in a spreadsheet. 
Current Available Solutions for NFT Bulk Upload

1. NFT Bulk

NFT Bulk is one of the most straightforward NFT bulk upload solutions because it is easy to navigate. To get started with NFT Bulk, you'd foremost need to sign in with your Metamask wallet. 


NFT Bulk Upload from NFT Bulk

Then you would have to add the metadata of your NFT to a provided spreadsheet template. The next step is to upload your NFTs and your filled spreadsheet to Pinata - a decentralized cloud storage solution for NFTs. 

Send your Pinata folder link to NFT Bulk, then bulk uploads it to OpenSea. By the way, Pinata is a decentralized cloud platform for storing NFTs. Moving on, we must also point out that NFT bulk collects 0.03 ETH—around $90—for each bulk upload. 



  • Compatible with Ethereum and Polygon 
  • Easy to use 
  • Can handle thousands of collectibles 


  • Only accepts payment in crypto 
  • Collects pay for every bulk upload 

2. NFTify

NFTify is an NFT marketplace builder platform where NFT creators and businesses can have true ownership of their NFT collection. To give a better user experience, we recently added a bulk upload feature. 


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NFT Bulk Upload NFTify

With the bulk upload feature, NFT businesses built with our platform can upload up to 1,000 NFTs with a single click. However, it's noteworthy that the maximum size of the bulk upload shouldn't exceed 2 GB. 

To batch upload your NFTs on NFTify, you would need to use a prepared template file, follow the instructions, and upload. The most striking fact about NFTify's bulk upload feature is that it is free!


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By the way, you can batch upload your NFT collection on NFTify and then go to OpenSea to import it - that's a smarter route to batch upload to OpenSea. 



  • Currently totally free
  • Provides both bulk upload as built-in solutions on its marketplace builder platform 
  • Can upload up to 1,000 NFTs at once
  • Can upload NFTs with a total size of up to 2 GB 
  • Easy to use 
  • Responsive customer success team
  • Support on all three chains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon 


  • Only available to stores built with NFTify 

3. Spiral NFT

Spiral NFT is a good tool that helps you to automatically upload a lot of NFTs at once. After configuring it to your computer and importing your necessary files, the Spiral bot will upload all your NFTs to OpenSea. 


NFT Bulk Upload Spiral NFT

Unlike some tools that only work for OpenSea, Spiral NFT works for the Coinbase NFT marketplace. The team behind it also plans to make it compatible with more NFT marketplaces in the future. 

After paying a one-time fee of $199 to access the tool, you can upload unlimited NFTs. It's noteworthy, however, that Spiral is only available on Windows at the moment. 


  • Works with both Coinbase and Opensea 
  • Free updates 
  • One-time fee
  • Supports JSON and excel sheets 
  • Unlimited number of NFTs to be uploaded


  • Only works on Windows and Mobile, not Mac

4. Opencbot

Supporting both Polygon and Ethereum networks, Opencbot is one of the most popular NFT bulk upload solutions. You only need to take three-step the: prepare your excel or JSON file, import it into the Opencbot, and run it. 


NFT Bulk Upload Opencbot


Then all your NFTs will be uploaded at once. With just $399, you'd have lifetime access to the Opencbot and all its features. However, this tool only works on Windows, and it is not yet available on Mac.



  • Easy to use 
  • Supports Polygon 
  • Supports JSON and Excel sheets 
  • Solves OpenSea captcha 


  • Doesn't work on Mac

5. Doqlus NFT Uploader 

Doqlus will require you to download an extension which you'd have to configure into your PC. It will help you solve the OpenSea captcha, then go ahead to bulk upload. 

Perhaps you have an issue with the configuration, the Customer Success team of Doqlus can jump on a call to provide real-time guidance. 


You can upload up to 200 NFTs for free on Doqlus, but you'd need to pay if you want to upload any number above that. Here is a breakdown of the prices:

  • 1k uploads - $29
  • 5k uploads - $69
  • 10k uploads - $119
  • Unlimited uploads - $249


  • Available customer success team 
  • Easy to configure 


  • Doesn't support Polygon 

6. HmizUp

HmizUp is a tool that helps NFT creators and digital artists with bulk upload and batch minting. Unlike other tools, the team behind HmizUp also offers NFT project consultation as part of their services. 

NFT Bulk Upload HmizUp


There is no fixed amount for subscribing to HmizUp. Instead, the number of NFTs you want to batch load will determine the package you choose. 

To upload 5k NFTs en masse, you'd have to pay a sum of $2,300; 15k - $3,300; 50k - $4,400. Meanwhile, you can pay in both crypto and fiat. 



  • Offers consultation 
  • Batch mints


  • Relatively the most expensive 
  • Can only list NFTs with a fixed selling price 

Bottom Line 

For a long time, NFT creators have endured the inconvenience of manual NFT bulk upload and the cost of using bulk upload solutions. But NFTify is solving this problem in the NFT ecosystem once and for all by providing the best built-in NFT bulk upload solution. Now, you can concentrate on creating your collectibles, while we save you hours of manual work and potential errors. 

Go Ahead And Bulk Upload Your NFTs on NFTify

At NFTify, we are all about making NFT business easier for creators to run as well as to scale up. And with features built into NFTify like bulk upload, revenue management, and store collaborators, running an NFT store can actually be effortless

If you have been looking for an ultimately scalable platform to build your NFT business, NFTify is the best choice. Start your journey now by creating your store


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