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Into a Far Distant Planet Called REDsistance | NFT Creator Stories

Son Vu
Son Vu
Tue, 21 Jun 2022 04:19
NFT creator stories REDsistance
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🔎 Interview Questions

“To be honest, I don't remember when or where I started but it feels like there is not a single day that goes by where I do not draw something.”

And with just a simple passion as that, Gabriel (microbians) was able to build their own brand with the help of NFTify.

In this interview, we have Microbians, founder of REDsistance, to talk about his business – from his passion, his motivation, where & how it all started, and his experience creating a NFT artwork store on NFTify.

🔎 Interview Questions

Redsistance built on NFTify

Could you please introduce yourself briefly?

I'm Gabriel Suchowolski, Creative and Design Senior Director. 

My background is in design, illustration, and motion graphics, but I specialize in solving projects that have a mix of programming, animation, and design, but principally illustration. 

As for my daily work, I do Design Direction on where I currently have a team of 12 persons.


How did your passion and career in digital art all start?

I work in illustration, which is my personal passion, among other things like playing piano or coding graphical experiments. 

To be honest, I don't remember when or where I started but I feel like there is not a day goes by where I do not draw something.

My first contact with illustration was the comics and fortunately, in my house, there was a lot of it, especially from French comics masters like Moebius, and Bilal among others. 

I suppose that reading a lot of comics, it teaches you to learn to love drawing as many young people do in their lives. Drawing has become as natural to me as breathing.


How did you first know about NFT? What made it appeal to you?

I heard about NFT meaning maybe around 2019, I don’t really remember. I remember trying to make a wallet at the end of 2020 without luck, but I tried again in March 2021 and I was able to put some money into it.

The first NFT I launched was over at Foundation, where a friend of mine gave me an invitation. Then, Known Origin and Rarible certified me and in the middle of it, I also tried Tezos network. 


Now it feels like it has been a lot of time since all this, but it is only something more than a year now. For me NFT was more like an opportunity to give my illustrations and art exclusively to my fans, and it also serves as a kind of impulse for me to continue making more pieces.

How did you come up with the idea for your art? How is the perception of people towards your artwork NFTs in general?

With "REDsistance", I try to capture the feel of a cyber-punk retro-futuristic atmosphere, built in a synthetic way but where his presence is found in every detail. 

I try to do my illustration in a concise way, with expressive lines, solid use of typography, logos and symbols, subtle and contrasting between background of soft gradient and a figure in the foreground that almost inevitably focuses on the portrait.


I use colors in search of coherence in the design of my characters, as well as a kind of personal seal, with vibrant and powerful colors. I present a post-apocalyptic climate to which we are transported through the expressive demeanor of the characters.

Without giving so many clues as to how this imagined dystopia is constituted, I create a history of works leaving traces through symbolism that give a pattern of belonging among humanoids; clans & gangs.

I was really surprised that the first NFT I put on sale was sold very quickly, and I was happy to get very good collectors from the beginning, like Mondoir, Jared Sturman, Pak or Zoltan.

What is the biggest challenge you faced when you were getting started with your NFT project?

Principally, understanding who is the collector and what to look for in the NFTs, were the most difficult part, because at the beginning I realized that as a traditional art collector, then was some are only interested in the buying/selling business and make money as fast as possible, then comes the PFP craze ... all of it was too fast to assimilate. I think the biggest challenge was to adapt to these early waves.

Technology is also a barrier for me. It was difficult to get your own contract without the help of a very good programmer. 

Maybe some people don't even know a good developer, which leads to the part where you need to trust. All in all, I think there is a lot of potential in mixing the tech of custom contracts in the way someone can make it work, just like the way art is.

How did you get to know about NFTify, what convinced you to choose NFTify to power your NFT project?

From the beginning, I was using several marketplaces, namely Foundation, Known Origin, Hic Et Nunc (at Tezos), and Objkt. Since I started to learn more and more about web3 I realized that in order to do more things with the ideas I had in mind, I would need my own NFT smart contract. 

So searching for that, I naturally came to NFTify and my first feeling was that there is just so much care in the UI and in the system in general.

It felt like there finally was a place where I could do whatever I want for my next collection. Lazy minting, discount codes, and the ability to freely showcase my collections on my own website impressed me.

NFT Creator Stories REDsistance


How is the store building and NFT listing process with NFTify?

The process is beautiful. I can set up a new NFT very easily, and create my own contracts for new collections. The UI is very very good and very easy to use. The customization options alone allow us to build a custom website that gives the best light to our NFT collections.

How is your experience working with NFTfiy team? How do you evaluate us in terms of speed, communication, quality, etc?

I feel that the team is there and helps me a lot, for example when I decide to launch the first collection using NFTify I needed to use $ASH and they set it up for me in no time, so I am very grateful for that. 

They responded very well to my questions on Twitter. In general, I am very very happy with the tools and service.

Would you recommend NFTify to someone else? If yes, why?

Of course. In fact, I already did it, and I will continue doing so. It’s one of the best tools to show an NFT collection for sure.

Can you share with the audience what's your plan to grow your NFT project and your future plans/goals?

Yes. My plan is to generate and finish the $ASH collection, that is REDsistance Burn, which will probably consist of around 25-50 pieces. All collectors will have access to more utilities in the future like merchandise, apparel, and things like that.

I start launching the second collection that is REDsistance Avatar Season 2, which is a continuation of Season 1 which is already sold out. There are a lot of projects I had in mind, but I will be developing one then the other.

And that should wrap it up for this interview. Thanks a lot, Gabriel, for trusting in NFTify to empower your NFT business. 


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