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August Monthly Recap: A Look Back on NFTify

Ly Dam
Ly Dam
Thu, 08 Sep 2022 03:44
NFTify august recap
Table of Contents

NFTify feature released




NFTify Creator Stories




NFTify NFT marketplaces of the month




NFTify trending NFTs




Learn with NFTify

Compared to July, August was pretty much head-on-head with it in terms of growth and liveliness. In the last month, we saw several new features — including the big one, airdrop NFTs, a story from CryptoIndieRadio — the market-redefining NFT marketplace for independent music artists, and several new learning materials for you. On a deeper look, August also gave rise to several rising NFT marketplaces and unique NFTs that you might want to check out.

NFTify feature released

This month, we released Airdrop — a highly anticipated feature to help you create better promotional campaigns, and polished the platform you love a little bit by adding more enhancements to the bulk selling feature, along with adding a refresh button for NFT metadata to help you keep your NFT collections updated across platforms. 


1. NFT Airdrop

NFT Airdrop is now live on nftify
NFTify feature released: NFT Airdrop

To help you stay in touch with your community and create more promotional campaigns, we're proud to introduce airdrop — a way to draw more attention to your brand by letting your buyers claim your NFTs, for free.

Benefits of NFT airdrops

  • Boost exposure: Freebies are attractive and help you reach a wider audience
  • Loyal fanbase: Reward your long-time supporters with free NFTs that you can whitelist

→ Learn more: Sprint 24 Announcement - Airdrop Is Now Live


2. Enhanced bulk selling

Being the first-on-the-market feature, our bulk selling feature was initially faced with some limitations that required more time to polish. And now, we’re proud to announce that the feature is simply made better – with more add-on features, namely:

  • Fiat payment (available only on Polygon): allow your buyers to pay in fiat money and get paid in MATIC
  • Payout group: split up the sale of any NFT with various stakeholders
  • Discount code: create more innovative campaigns with flexibly-customizable discount codes
  • Whitelist: drive more exclusivity to your NFTs by restricting them to a specific list of wallet addresses

With these enhancements, there’s virtually no difference – features-wise – between creating a single sell order and creating multiple ones anymore, as all the add-ons for creating sell orders are now supported by default.


3. Refresh NFT metadata

For your imported NFTs/NFT collections, keeping them constantly updated – especially between NFT marketplaces – can be bothersome or downright impossible. And since your buyers need to know exactly what they’re purchasing, a feature to keep your NFTs constantly synchronized with the blockchain network is crucial.

Refresh metadata on the buyer (left) and admin (right) side

Because of this, on both the buyer side and the admin side, we have added a new ability for you to refresh NFT metadata with a single click of button. With this, we hope to make the process of managing your imported NFTs/NFT collections a little bit easier for you, as synchronizing metadata of your NFTs between marketplaces can now be done with ease.


NFTify Creator Stories

NFTify Creator Stories Majiano
NFTify Creator Stories: Meet Majiano

Majiano - Redefining the Music Streaming Industry

Why should streaming platforms take all the bags? In our interview today, we have the community advisor of CryptoIndieRadio, Majiano, to talk about how it feels to be a part of this radical movement.


→ Read full article: Majiano - Redefining the Music Streaming Industry


NFTify NFT marketplaces of the month

1. Nano NFT Artwork Marketplace

Connect with hundreds of gallery owners, artists, collectors, investors and cultural managers all around the world. 

More than just an art market, Nano is an ecosystem working towards democratizing the world of arts for all. 

With every art purchase, you will get the physical artwork and an NFT artwork certificate - the living record of the career development of the artist who inspires you.


→ Explore marketplace:

Nano NFT Artwork Marketplace

2. Chalk River General Store

Chalk River General Store is an NFT game marketplace for the P2E game of the same name. 

Players can interact with the game via ERC-721 NFTs bought on the marketplace, which makes the stored information becomes increasingly valuable over time.


→ Explore store:

Chalk River General Store built on nftify
Chalk River General Store - but on NFTify


NFTify trending NFTs

1. JCVD- CLUB Access -NFT

This NFT drop marks the famous martial artist & actor Jean-Claude Van Damme's first-ever entrance into the NFT space. And apparently, owning it gives you access to a secret club? 👀

trending nft JCVD- CLUB Access -NFT

2. Rookie NFT: The one to watch for!

Being the first and best-selling NFT on the NFT marketplace, Rookie NFTs gives its sports fans various special utilities and accesses you can't find elsewhere.

Rookie NFT: The one to watch for
Rookie NFT: The one to watch for


Learn with NFTify

1. Understanding NFTs Airdrop

Finding yourself struggling with our new airdrop feature? We got just the right tutorial for you.

Master class: How to Create NFT Airdrops

And in case you want to make your airdrops a little bit more attractive, here are some tips to help you get started on the right track.

  • Set a claim limit: To avoid one visitor claiming the entirety of your airdrops, try setting a claim limit for each visitor.
  • Go for short airdrop durations: Freebies would be a lot less attractive if they're there forever, don't you think?
  • Try add-on values: Make your airdrops more exclusive with whitelists, or more attractive with physical items
  • Create attractive search engine listing: In the case that people want to look you up, you'll want to show them exactly what your airdrop is all about

2. More ways to bulk sell your NFTs

Did you notice anything new with bulk selling in your NFT marketplace? That's right — you can now enable more add-on value features for your listed NFTs, namely discount code, fiat payment, whitelist & payout group.

Master class: How to Bulk Sell NFTs (Updated)

In case you haven't got the chance to know the full extent of what the add-on value features do, we've got your back.

  • Discount code: Create more innovative campaigns with flexibly-customizable discount codes
  • Fiat payment: Allow your buyers to pay in fiat money and get paid in MATIC
  • Whitelist: Make your airdrops more exclusive with whitelists, or more attractive with physical items
  • Payout Group: Split up the sale of any NFT with various stakeholders

And that's it for August. We have a lot of new features — including a brand new supported chain for you to do all your NFT-related businesses on — cooking up in the pipeline, waiting for you this September, so stay tuned, join our Telegram storeowner community, and we'll be sure to hit you with more exciting news.


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Ly Dam
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