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How Pálinka Farm Turned Traditional Hungarian Fruit Spirits into NFT-based Board Games

Son Vu
Son Vu
Fri, 22 Apr 2022 09:57
NFT Creator stories Józsi Bá
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🔎 Interview Questions

“Never give up on your dreams, no matter how crazy they are. Our project is a good example that everything is possible if you believe in yourself.” 


And indeed, it was a good one. Pálinka Farm showed us that there’s really no restriction to the kind of NFT utilities that you can attach to your NFTs, and the only thing holding you back is your imagination alone. 


In this interview, we have Józsi Bá, owner of Pálinka Farm, to talk about his business – from his passion, his motivation, where & how it all started, and his experience creating a store on NFTify.

🔎 Interview Questions

Could you please briefly introduce yourself and your passion? 

Józsi Bá: I am a Hungarian guy and since my childhood, my passion has been to create things – not as an artist, but rather as an architect. 


I met with the crypto world in 2017 during the first crypto mining hype, and that was when I started to build my own mining rigs. 

The design of the mining rig was very important for me. It was a tower rig made from aluminum, it looked like a tower building frame with great lights by the graphics cards’ led. 

About one year ago I saw people create their own tokens on BSC networks and I was like okay, I had the idea, let’s create something in this world. 

What would you say has the biggest influence on your NFT store? 

Józsi Bá: I think it’s the technology behind NTFs. I feel it’s a fantastic thing you can store something on the blockchain that you can show to people. When you have only crypto in your NFT wallet, it’s hard to talk about it to people who do not live in the IT world, but I can show my pictures to my grandma.


The biggest influence on my store is to create unique art that’s never seen before. 

We needed to create art that looks good as an NFT picture, as a bottle label, while still being able to be used as game cards in a board game. It was a big challenge for us.


How did you first know about NFT? What makes it appeal to you?  

Józsi Bá: I read a lot of crypto articles and there’s this one time that I came across an article about NFT. 


It was very interesting for me that people can buy and sell NFTs on the blockchain. I was like it’s great, let’s create something in this world.

I had the idea earlier to create a palinka collection but it was difficult to be competitive with a new product, so my idea was to create a numbered collection to make it unique. 

And NFT technology gives me the solution, as with the blockchain, I can create my very own unique palinka collection.

Pálinka Factory NFT
Pálinka Factory is one of Pálinka collections

How did you come up with the idea for your NFTs? 

Józsi Bá: I made my own token last year and it was clear to me that I wanted to create an NFT collection for the token. I like board games and it’s a new challenge for me to create my own board game where my token is the money in the game, and the NFTs are the game cards


I had another idea to create a product, like a drink or food that people buy in shops and its label contains the NFT. 

This project gives me the opportunity to create both of my ideas in one project.


Can you tell more about the uniqueness of your NFTs? To be more specific, more about how your NFTs relate to your audience? 

Józsi Bá: The uniqueness of my NFTs is that it has a physical copy and its own story. 

My NFTs are fruit tree NFTs. We have a farm and we plant fruit trees to make pálinka from the fruit. Pálinka is a traditional Hungarian fruit spirit (fruit brandy). 

When you buy one of the unique NFTs, then you will get a bottle of pálinka that is made by us from our own fruit and the bottle label is your own unique NFT. 


In addition, we will have a board game and people can play games with the same NFT collection. The Palinka Farm board game will be a competitive, palinka distillery builder, worker-placement game set. In Palinka Farm you find yourself in a little village in Hungary where you have a farm with some fruit trees. 

Your job is to allocate your workers and helpful visitors to complete various tasks throughout the year. 

Using those workers and visitors, you can expand your farm by building structures, planting fruit trees, and filling palinka orders as you work towards the goal of owning the most successful palinka distillery in Hungary. 

We have a plan to create a digital edition of the board game as a blockchain game.


What are the key actions you're doing to create awareness, build communities and generate sales for your NFTs? 

Józsi Bá: We have some good crypto communities in Hungary and Hungarians like Pálinka, so it was easy to create the base community for the project. 

We have a plan to start a blog for our project where we can show people how we create our product, a step-by-step blog from planting trees to distilling pálinka. 

I think it will be a lot of fun. 

Pálinka Farrm website
Pálinka Farm's first blog post

What is the biggest challenge you faced when you were getting started with NFTs? 

Józsi Bá: It was very hard to find the perfect design for the NFTs. 

We needed to create something that looks good as a digital image, as a glass bottle,  all while still useful as a card in a board game. 

We tried to create photos of trees, and draw trees with more graphic designers, but we didn’t like the results. It was a lot of work to find the perfect solution


How did you get to know about NFTify, what convinced you to choose NFTify to build your NFT business? 

Józsi Bá: I wanted to find a solution where people have the option to buy my NFTs with my token. My token is on the BSC network, so there was no question I wanted to create my NFT collection on BSC. 

I found another Hungarian project and saw that they have a solution for this, with a marketplace connected to their domain and all. 

Then I thought to myself that I wanted this too, and that was when I started to do my research on what is the marketplace behind them, and that led me to NFTify.


Which NFTify's specific features do you like or use most? 

Józsi Bá: I like that I can use my own domain and my own token in my store. NFTify gave me the perfect solution for this. 

The NFT website builder is also a very good feature, it saves me a lot of time and money. The blog will be very useful for us to document as well as to show to our community all about the project’s progress.


How are the store building and NFT listing process? What were the results you’ve had with NFTify?

Józsi Bá: It’s very easy to use the store builder, as I don’t need any website programming skill to build my store the way I want. 

The NFT listing process is also very easy, it’s like creating a simple database. I made my own NFT marketplace very easily and quickly.

Pálinka Farrm website
Pálinka Farrm website built on NFTify

What is your experience working with NFTify team? How do you evaluate us in terms of speed, communication, quality,etc? 

Józsi Bá: The team communication is very friendly in the community. I needed help only one time, but they answered my question within minutes and they solved my request immediately.


Would you recommend NFTify to someone else? If yes, why? 

Józsi Bá: Yes, of course, I highly recommend it. NFTify is the perfect marketplace for those who want to create a unique website for their NFT collection in a professional way.


Can you share with the audience what's your plan to grow your NFT store and your future plan/goal? 

Józsi Bá: Our plan is to sell out the NFT collection and build our brand and community

We will use all the finances to grow our farm, invest in a new higher capacity distiller, and bottle and post the gift palinka to all NFT holders. 

Our future plans are to create high-quality videos for our community as well as to get our fruit spirit to local stores and pubs. In that way, we hope more people can get to know and understand what NFT is, and hopefully, they can be interested in what we have to offer.


Do you have any advice or tips for artists out there who are wanting to get into the NFT space? 

Józsi Bá: Never give up on your dreams, no matter how crazy they are. Our project is a good example that everything is possible if you believe in yourself.

And that should wrap it up for this interview. Thanks a lot, Józsi Bá, for trusting in NFTify to empower your NFT business.


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