Bringing Retro NFT Artwork Back to Metro with 1xNFT | NFTify
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Bringing Retro Art Back to Metro with 1xNFT | NFT Creator Stories

Ly Dam
Ly Dam
Fri, 21 Jan 2022 16:07
1XNFT nft creator stories
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🔎 Interview Questions

We were the first to launch a 10k NFT collection on the NFTify platform,” says Edgaras, “and to be quite honest with you, it was a lot of work” 


Fortunately for 1xNFT, everything turned out okay–or rather, beyond what the brand initially expected. 

In this interview, we have Edgaras, Owner of 1xNFT, to talk about his business – from his passion, his motivation, where & how it all started, and his experience creating a store on NFTify.

🔎 Interview Questions

Could you please introduce briefly yourself and your passion?

Edgaras: We are a team of young people from Lithuania. I will talk more from a personal side as the founder of 1xNFT. My Name is Edgaras and my passion is IT technologies and motorsport for a long time. 

Our team consists of marketing specialists, graphic designers, and programmers. The goal of our team is to show everyone that anything is possible, you only really just need a lot of desire and work to put your ideas into action. 


What artist or type of digital content would you say have the biggest influence on you?

Edgaras: I can’t pick just one artist, but when it comes to the digital content I’m most interested in are live streaming, videos, and their platforms. 

I would say the biggest influence is in the already existing platform market, the desire to create what is not yet on the marketplace. We have an idea and we are already starting work on it.

How did you first know about NFT? What makes it appeal to you?

Edgaras: The first time I learned about NFT was by searching for information and opportunities to finance a business with cryptocurrencies. Then I found an article about NFT technology. 

I wanted to know what NFT actually is, its possibilities, and its potential. The best part about NFT is that it can be adapted to business niches, the NFT sports sector, and business financing; the list goes on and on. 

In my opinion, NFT technology is still a rising wave due to its great potential for application. 

We can already see global brands like Adidas, Coca-Cola coming to the NFT market. In my opinion, many areas of business and sports are not yet exploiting the full potential of NFTs to this day.


How did you come up with the idea for your NFTs?

Edgaras: The idea of creating our own NFT came from the search for business financing. 

We started working on the implementation of our ideas and I know for a fact, that additional funding will be needed for the execution of all these ideas. 

The first thought was to publish an idea and a project on a “Kickstarter” platform or to apply to business finance funds, but later on, we settled on the idea to create NFT collections and thus fund projects. 

No matter the outcome, it is a win-win situation, we finance our projects with the money received from the NFT and when there is added value, the potential consumer buys the NFT which has actual value and opportunities in our projects.

What is the biggest challenge you faced when you were getting started with NFTs?

Edgaras: The biggest challenge was the actual idea of the NFT collection and what to create. 

I didn’t want to copy any other project and I believe that we managed to create really good collections. The “Angry Beans” collection was the first one we launched; the idea itself came as a surprise when I saw canned beans while walking through the grocery store. This is how the idea to make the “Angry Beans” collection came about. 

The Angry Beans collection on 1xNFT
The Angry Beans collection on 1xNFT

It was a tad bit harder to come up with the second idea, I wanted to make a pixel NFT for someone who remembers those old-school games, I think some people know what I’m talking about, so with that I wanted to put some specific thoughts and ideas out of those times. 

The “Crypto Guys” collection has hidden contemplations with irony. 

But as a whole, the Crypto Guys collection has hidden contemplations of irony, views, and ideas from current times and trends.


How did you get to know about NFTify, what convinced you to choose NFTify to build your NFT business?

Edgaras: We found out about NFTify by searching for information. 

We had several choices: to use the Opensea platform, build our own NFT platform or find an already existing platform solution. We weren’t too keen on using the Opensea platform because we wanted to have our own platform, but to do so we needed a lot of money. 


The journey of saving money to start projects brought us to a serious search. 

To be honest, it really was a difficult task, due to the fact that at the time NFTify was a little known and recently launched project. 

I found NFTify unexpectedly and got really interested to see what it actually is. First of all, I analyzed the NFTify idea that I liked the most, then started examining the ideas and solutions that had already started and what kind of people were developing those NFTify projects.

After learning more, there were no more questions and we started using the NFTify platform. The main reason why we chose NFTify is that the NFT market itself has not seen those specific platform solutions and is a start-up with very high growth potential.


How are the store building and NFT listing processes? Results you have achieved/ values you've gained with NFTify?

Edgaras: The principle of building a store is very simple, the platform is made in a way so that everyone could use the platform without knowing any programming skills, all people need is to figure out which network Ethereum, Binance, or Polygon is acceptable for you. 

I would like to share some of the results we have achieved with NFTify. 


First of all, we were the first ones to launch a 10k NFT collection on the NFTify platform; and to be honest it was a lot of work. We are the very first group in Lithuania to launch NFT collections on the NFTify platform and we are definitely first when it comes to having 20k NFT on this platform. The values I took and saw from NFTify are fast and quality support for the actual platforms; I believe that it is one of the many components why NFTify's are successful.

There’s basically a limitless amount of NFTs on 1xNFT
There’s basically a limitless amount of NFTs on 1xNFT


How is your experience working with NFTfiy team? How do you evaluate us in terms of speed, communication, quality, etc?

Edgaras: The support and strong community of NFTify left the biggest impression. Communicating with the NFTify team is always a pleasure and a fun experience as well. 

The principle of a new project, a start-up to grow qualitatively and quickly in the very first year, is not an easy thing to do and in all honesty, not everyone succeeds. 


At the very beginning, I was skeptical of NFTify, but in such a short time the platform grew and improved a lot, and the quality of support did not deteriorate at all. 

It’s just pleasing to see and know that the decision to choose NFTify was a good one.

Would you recommend NFTify to someone else? If yes, why?

Edgaras: I definitely recommend it. I communicate with a lot of people from many countries and we receive a lot of emails we openly say that we use the functionalities of the NFTify platform. As I’ve mentioned before, there are a few reasons why we recommend NFTify. 


  • First of all, you could save a lot of money if you’re thinking about building your own platform. 
  • Secondly, NFTify is a fast-growing platform in terms of both audience and functionality. 
  • And third, support is fast and very high quality.

Can you share with the audience about your plan to grow your NFT store and your future plan/goal?

Edgaras: The plan is to sell out the Angry Beans and Crypto Guys collections and complete the assemblies of roadmaps available on our platform. 

We are planning to expand the platform and invite business start-ups to create their own NFTs and finance projects. 


The goal of the 1xNFT platform is to be a source of funding for startup businesses like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. What I would like to mention is that after selling my NFT collections, all the finances will be used to complete these new projects and help all of the young racers that are just starting. The royalties of our collections will travel to a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young racers and teams. The funds obtained will be used for good purposes and added value will be created. 

And that should wrap it up for this interview. 

Thanks a lot, Edgaras, for trusting in NFTify to empower your NFT business.


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