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NFT AMA Recap: NFTify x Vendetta

Ly Dam
Ly Dam
Sat, 01 May 2021 09:44
NFTify x Vendetta
Table of Contents

Live Questions From Community

Greetings everyone! We have been quite busy recently with events, so we are happy to share with you a recap from our most recent. NFTify CEO and Co-founder Nikita Ngan Nguyen joined Tutulamayanlar on April 29th for an exclusive ask-me-anything with their community of over 27,000 users. We’d like to thank Tutulamayanlar for inviting us. We had a great time talking with everyone. Below is the AMA recap:


Filiz (AMA Moderator): Thank you for accepting our invitation. We want to start with the hardest question. Can we get to know you, Nikita?


Nikita Ngan Nguyen: Haha, absolutely!
My name is Nikita Ngan Nguyen. I’ve been working in the IT industry for the last 12 years, and Blockchain in particular for the last 6 years.
I’m a businesswoman first and foremost. It’s like a natural instinct for me to turn any topics into business :D

Besides work, I enjoy spending time in nature, reading books, hanging out with friends, cooking, doing yoga, playing golf… In short, I am the kind of person who thinks 24 hours a day is not enough :)
That’s enough about me.


Filiz (AMA Moderator): What is NFTify ? Can you briefly introduce it?


Nikita Ngan Nguyen: Yes, of course. NFTify is a platform where people can create an NFT store without coding.
Anyone can start a store, tokenize & sell NFTs right away instead of spending months and hundreds of thousands of USD to develop something like Opensea, Niftygateway…. This is exactly the problem that we wanted to tackle, to help lower the bar for everyone to join the NFT space.

So let’s say you are an artist. You want to create your own brand, your own store, but you don’t have the money and time to build your own platform. You also don’t want to sell your arts on some messy NFT marketplace, then NFTify is the perfect solution.

The platform will also provide built-in AI services for copyright protection purposes, which is probably what people are concerned about the most when it comes to digital content. Am I right?

These are the coolest basic features that you’ll be able to experience soon in the next couple of months.

You can also check out our whitepaper which is available on the website for more details.


Filiz: What makes the NFTify special? Which features does it differ from other Projects?


Nikita Ngan Nguyen: We are completely different. Because NFTify is the only platform to allow people to create an NFT store without coding and customize it to make it their own brand. We are also the only platform to provide Copyright protection. NFTify is built on Substrate and will provide a bridge to exchange NFT on parachains or external chains such as ETH, BSC. That means the digital asset will have a larger ecosystem to interchange and trade.


Filiz: What are your value propositions?


Nikita Ngan Nguyen: Anyone can start their NFT business with zero coding and at a very low cost. We believe this will get many people to get interested, learn about NFT, start making money with NFT, without having to pay a middle man, and also be able to deliver their arts to fans, collectors in a much faster fashion.


Filiz: Could you tell us about NFTify Team members?


Nikita Ngan Nguyen: Definitely! I think that is one the most important parts to give us the confidence to succeed.
We have a veteran excellent blockchain team, led by my CTO Do Dinh Dong, who has over 15 years of experience in IT. The team has developed hundreds of Blockchain projects from scratch to finish for global partners for the last 6 years.
Our Ai team has developed products that have been deployed in the Vietnam traffic monitoring system, hospital, and building management systems all around the world.
Our BA (business analyst) team has tremendous understanding of the blockchain ecosystems. I am absolutely proud of and confident in my team!


Filiz: Why should people invest in NFTify Token?


Nikita Ngan Nguyen: Very important question. We are a solid tech and business team with years of experience in the industry.
The project has a very clear mission. We’re guided by reputable and well-connected advisors.
Our partners are the top VCs and marketing agencies including Polkaofundry, Moonrock, Morningstar, Master Ventures, M6, GD10, etc., This network gives us all the support we need to succeed.
Do we need more?


Filiz: What awaits us for NFTify in the future, what are your plans?


Nikita Ngan Nguyen: We’re focusing on launching the MVP version in the next couple of months.
Lots of exciting discussions to build the ecosystem and partnerships are already going on. In the coming days, we’ll hear a lot of exciting announcements from us.
Be sure to follow all our official channels for updates.

Live Questions From Community

Most users are still not aware of blockchain & its related projects! So, How this project platform create awareness about their project with non-crypto users too?


Great question!
We understand that current Dapps put burdens on Users with foreign and complex concepts, which ruin the user experience and make things more complicated for people who are beginners in Blockchain.
By using the supported services such as Signing Key, Flexible Payer, Account Classification, PolkaID, we will help NFTify’s users interact with Blockchain in a normal UX manner


How do plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not spoken well?


We are well supported by non-English speaking communities, including, Tutulamayanlar for Turkey, we have communities in South Korea, China, Latin America, Japan, Vietnam, Middle East… the market.


Can you tell us what are your team already achieved so far? And could you please tell me who is your target market for your project?


We are almost done with our AI feature. The MVP of the NFT platform is also in progress.
We plan to launch these 2 features in June.
Our target market will be small business owners and artists, who face the challenge of paying too much to the middle man and spending too much time to get their products delivered to buyers


Currently, even with good partnerships, hype, marketing, and work products, the price of all tokens will fall. So, what are your challenges and plans to make the Nftify project a hot project?


You are right.
Because the market will go up and down, just like the ocean waves.
But we are here for the long term. So don’t short-sell the good projects! :)


What’s the background behind your project stand — is there an interesting story you can share with us?


Yes, A year ago, before most of the world had heard of NBA TopShot NFTs — now a half-a-billion-dollar business — Ekoios, our Blockchain development house in Vietnam started receiving streams of pressing requests from clients around the world. Recognizing the tremendous value creation opportunities in tokenizing and selling their digital assets as NFTs, they were anxious to launch NFT marketplaces for their art galleries, gold, and other commodities, sports trading merchandise, and a myriad of other uses.
But no Shopify of NFTs existed. Even TopShop…
That’s when we came up with the idea of creating NFTify.


Filiz: Thanks @NikitaNguyen great ama 👌


Nikita Ngan Nguyen: Thanks Tutulamayanlar for hosting! Have a great night


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