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NFTify x Coindesk to Launch Consensus 22 NFT Marketplace

Dung Ho
Dung Ho
Thu, 09 Jun 2022 02:30
CoinDesk NFT Marketplace Powered by NFTify
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Use your social token with NFTify

With the festival for the decentralized world – Consensus 2022 – being just around the corner, we’re proud to announce that Coindesk’s dedicated NFT Marketplace will be powered by NFTify.


The NFT marketplace is CoinDesk’s way of envisioning a future for DESK – the social token of the CoinDesk community. 

With DESK, in-person conference-goers at Consensus 22 will be able to turn their tokens into grub at food trucks, into swag at boots, or even into NFTs in the NFTify-powered CoinDesk NFT marketplace. 

CoinDesk NFT marketplace powered by NFTify
CoinDesk NFT marketplace powered by NFTify


Throughout the event, the NFT marketplace will be filled with community-voted NFTs that buyers can buy, trade, and resell: 

50 winners will be selected to sell their work in the Consensus NFT Marketplace, powered by NFTify. All artists will receive any DESK earned at auction close on Saturday.
– from DESK Creator Challenge


And since Consensus 22 is arguably the most anticipated event in the decentralized world – and CoinDesk is one of the top news outlets for the crypto space – CoinDesk’s requirements were nothing short of challenging.


The dedicated NFT marketplace needed to come pre-integrated with CoinBase wallet, NFT gasless transactions for buyers, along with the ability to NFT bulk upload 15,000 NFTs without any hiccups. 

Because of the scale of the event, the NFT marketplace also needs to be able to withstand thousands of concurrent visitors–and to top it all off, the complete NFT marketplace must be delivered in time for the event, which is less than 2 months.


Faced with all these harsh challenges, NFTify was the only platform that CoinDesk trusted all of their NFT marketplace transactions with. And the results left CoinDesk more than satisfied:

We were having a lot of trouble finding an NFT Marketplace that offered all of the features we needed. Above all else it needed to be gas-less, no-code, and compatible with a custom token on Polygon. We were lucky NFTify had been working hard to offer one of the wides feature offerings I’d seen.
— Luke Layden, Strategic DESK Lead at CoinDesk

Luke Layden, Strategic DESK Lead at CoinDesk reviews NFTify


This new NFT marketplace will be a way for talented NFT creators’ works to live on forever – even after Consensus. 

Interested buyers can collect the community’s work through DESK on the marketplace and even show their appreciation for their work by tipping them on Discord.


In such a short amount of time, we’re glad to have been able to build a custom-made NFT marketplace that is able to satisfy CoinDesk’s requirements and more. We can only hope that, through this major partnership, everybody attending the event will get to know about NFTify and what we have to offer for big NFT projects and brands.
— Nikita Ngan Nguyen, CEO of NFTify


Visit the CoinDesk NFT Marketplace now to see what it is all about: And in case you’re looking to partner with NFTify to launch your business’s branded NFT marketplace, feel free to drop us a request.


nftify at consencus 2022


Learn more about CoinDesk

CoinDesk is an integrated platform for media, events, data & indices for the next generation of investing and the future of money. They host myriad industry events and webinars each year, including the annual Consensus summit event each May, the largest and most important forward-thinking gathering of stakeholders in the global crypto and blockchain ecosystem.


Use your social token with NFTify

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