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NFTify x Momentum6 - For Marketing and Growth Accelerator Services

Ly Dam
Ly Dam
Tue, 27 Apr 2021 09:44
NFTify x Momentum6
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About NFTify


About Momentum6

Leading digital marketing agency to spearhead marketing program for NFTify, the gate opener of NFT economy


As the issuance of NFTs grows at an unprecedented rate, buyers and sellers face a growing array of third-party NFT marketplaces lacking e-commerce features. NFTify is ushering in a new level of e-commerce services for NFT marketplaces leveraging the advanced PolkaDot multi-chain. To promote its NFT all-in-one platform, NFTify is delighted to announce that top digital marketing agency Momentum6 (M6) will lead the marketing initiatives. In its marketing advisory role, M6 will:

  • Direct marketing efforts for NFTify as it carries out its IDO and go-to-market strategy
  • Assist NFTify to develop strategic partnerships with other platforms within and outside of the PolkaDot ecosystem to expand its e-commerce products and services
  • Oversee the growth acceleration strategy post-IDO to support NFTify’s next phase of market growth

NFTify has built the Shopify of NFTs to provide NFT issuers and marketers a platform to build an influential NFT marketplace and brand. NFT marketplaces can use the in-built services to:

  • Easily issue NFTs and sell at low cost
  • Create unique branding for issuing, selling, and trading NFTs
  • Use customizable plug-ins to promote NFT products and brands
  • Research copyright, duplicates, and similar tokens

As part of the Polkadot cross-chain ecosystem, NFTify plans to rapidly expand its e-commerce products and services offerings through partnerships with other interoperable chains.


Momentum6 is a growth advisory firm focused on promoting and growing blockchain and crypto-native projects and businesses. Garlam Won, Momentum6’s founder, is an ex-JP Morgan investment banker and ex-Deloitte management, consultant. Over the past two years, Momentum6 and founder Garlam Won have been the driving force behind the marketing for some of the industry’s most successful projects, such as MANTRA DAO, KAVA, EPNS, and The Sandbox.


NFT marketing efforts are currently fragmented across social media and centralized NFT marketplaces. “We are excited about supporting the organization of NFT marketplaces to take advantage of next-generation decentralized platforms. M6 will support NFTify as it leverages interoperability, intelligent web agents, and other new features heralding in the next era of e-commerce,” commented Garlam Won, Momentum6 Managing Partner, and Founder.


Drawing on its extensive experience leading the marketing initiatives of high-growth technology companies, Momentum6 will provide value-added digital marketing services to NFTify, as it accelerates its growth, as well as due diligence and advisory on strategic investments.


Momentum6 leverages deeply rooted connections built across the financial ecosystem with a network stretching from China to Korea, to Canada and the U.S. NFTify is especially excited about M6’s expertise leading the digital marketing of numerous other projects on PolkaDot, including ParaState, PAID Network, PolkaFoundry, PolkaDex, Genesis Shards, and more. M6 is expected to play an invaluable role in supporting the formation and marketing of strategic partnerships across the Polkadot ecosystem.


“It takes years of hard work just to catch up, but finally we have put out something to be ahead of the game. The foundation is solid, and the add-ons will be really exciting. The future is built on imagination!” commented Nikita Nguyen in light of the platform launch. NFTify looks forward to continuing the trend of successful projects that have worked with the Momentum6 team as it rolls out the first fully-featured e-commerce platform for NFT marketplaces.


About NFTify

NFTify, the Shopify of NFTs, is an e-commerce platform where a small business or enterprise can build their own branding for selling, issuing, and trading their own NFTs in one click. Anyone can build an NFT marketplace without coding. NFT authors can issue NFTs easily and detect fake/similar content for copyright protection purposes.


About Momentum6

Founded in 2019, Momentum6 is a blockchain growth consulting firm. Momentum6’s mission is to partner with and support the best entrepreneurs in the rapidly growing digital asset and emerging DLT technology markets. 


Representative portfolio companies include Mantra DAO, Kava, Harmony, The SANDBOX, Thundercore, and Contentos. The partners have over 100 years of collective experience across different leadership positions in high-growth tech companies and have served on the boards of numerous successful venture capital firms and family offices.


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Ly Dam
Ly Dam
Digital Marketing Specialist
Ly is a Digital Marketer and SEOer at NFTify, curious about the humans behind the brands and the moments that motivate them to create.
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