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Introduce $N1 Staking Program ﹣ N1 Token

Ly Dam
Ly Dam
Wed, 01 Dec 2021 09:44
Staking N1 Token
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What is Staking?


What is N1 Token?


How to stake N1?

Great news NFTify community, we are introducing the N1 staking function.


The launch of staking is aimed at generating more lucrative rewards for our users to earn up to 40% APR, and earn more than $N1 in return.


What is Staking?

Staking is simply understood as locking cryptocurrencies to receive rewards. In many cases, users can accumulate their tokens directly from e-wallets. With the $N1 Staking program, staking rewards will be in the form of tokens.


What is N1 Token?

$N1 is the official symbol for NFTify token — the token powering NFTify ecosystem. Like any cryptocurrency, you can buy, sell, or even stake $N1, and the token comes with various applications and benefits exclusive to NFTify store owners & $N1 holders.

→ Buy N1 via:


How to stake N1?

$N1 staking program allows users to stake on up to 3 networks: Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon.

Users will earn staking rewards based on the duration that the tokens remain locked. The larger the staking amount and the longer the locking period, the bigger the reward you can get.

There are 03 linear rate pool staking options for you:

  • No lock-up pool: you can stake and unstake any moment you want, but you must wait 7 days of the delay time to withdraw your token. This pool allows you to earn a fixed APR of 10% of the fund you stake.
  • 90-day locked pool: Once staking starts, you can only unstake after 90 days. This pool allows you to earn a fixed APR of 20%. There is no withdrawal delay time for this pool.
  • 180-day locked pool: Similar to the 90-day locked pool. Once staking starts, you can only unstake after 180 days. In return, this option would bring you the highest yield of 40%. There is no withdrawal delay time for this pool.

*Note: For the 90-day or 180-day staking options, you have the option to deposit more to your original staking amount. The expiry date to unstake, as a result, will be re-calculated from the date of your latest deposit.

For example, you stake 1,000 N1 on the 90-day locked pool on Dec 1, 2021, then you continue to stake 500 N1 on Dec 15, 2021, so the staking time will restart from Dec 15, 2021, and you can unstake on Mar 15, 2021


Find out more information and instruction about N1 Staking here.


Join the N1 staking program today at and start earning rewards with $N1.

We really appreciate users’ interest and support for the NFTify project and our token N1.

Ly Dam
Ly Dam
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