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Biggest War Game Faraland to Launch its NFT Shop on NFTify

Ly Dam
Ly Dam
Thu, 20 May 2021 09:44
NFTify x Faraland
Table of Contents

Gamifying the NFT Store


Sell & Trade NFT game on a multichain NFT marketplace


About Faraland


About NFTify

Blockchain games are creating new game-playing experiences with tokenized game assets represented by unique NFTs yet lack an e-commerce platform to fully benefit from all their features, such as cross-chain trading and programmable NFTs. 

NFTify, an e-commerce platform designed for the digital content world, is pleased to announce it will host the NFT store of Faraland, the biggest war game on the Binance Smart Chain, to bring nextgen e-commerce features to the first gamified NFT store.


Gamifying the NFT Store

Faraland is a multiplayer RPG NFT game offering players the opportunity to own thousands of unique NFT warriors and equip them with unique weapons, armors, and pets. 

The gaming ecosystem offers NFTs with a number of distinctive features allowing users to “level up and gear up” their game by, for instance, attributing more strength, speed, intelligence, or luck to a hero.


The gameplay will revolve around the Faraland NFTify store to create a gamified NFT marketplace where the Faraland and NFTify communities will be able to trade in real-time. Through NFTify, Faraland users can:

  • securely store NFT-backed heroes and equipment on the blockchain
  • buy and trade heroes and rare equipment with other players
  • increase NFT Heroes value through unique attributes, trading, and game activities
  • equip heroes with the best items and assign them powerful skills

Sell & Trade NFT game on a multichain NFT marketplace

Known as the Shopify of NFTs, the NFT e-commerce platform provides NFT issuers and marketers a platform to build an influential NFT marketplace and brand. 

The Faraland shop can use the in-built services to:

  • Easily issue and sell NFTs at low fees while benefiting from Faraland’s rising floor price as transaction volume increases;
  • Create unique branding for issuing, selling, and trading NFTs;
  • Use customizable plug-ins to promote NFT products and brands, and upgrade and merge Faraland equipment;
  • Research copyright, duplicates, and similar tokens with the NFTify AI Services, across the wide variety of attributes offered by Faraland, and importantly
  • Trade Faraland NFTs cross-chain, and potentially trade with other gaming worlds.

Faraland users will gain powerful multi-chain NFT trading opportunities through NFTify’s partnership with Polkafoundry, a one-stop production hub for NFT and DeFi applications on Polkadot.

NFTify runs on PolkaFoundry, a one-stop dApp factory, to bring advanced cross-chain NFT features and a user-friendly interface to e-commerce shops hosted by its platform. Faraland will be able to build a powerful e-commerce platform that can take full advantage of the interoperability features and scalability of the Polkadot multi-chain. Faraland plans to run versions on the Ethereum and Polkadot blockchains.


About Faraland

Faraland is a play-to-earn turn-based strategy and RPG game with NFT elements at its core. It’s a game with solid, exciting gameplay fundamentals and an engaging storyline. In-game, players can use their NFTs as heroes and compete with others by learning powerful skills, collecting rare equipment, recruiting troops, moving around the map, capturing resources, and joining battles. Players can utilize their NFT heroes in many unique ways, from equipping them with powerful weapons and armors, having them engage in thrilling battles, and exchanging NFTs for tokens.


About NFTify

NFTify is a multi-chain platform that enables anyone to create their own fully functional NFT marketplace in just a few minutes, without coding or upfront cost required. The platform is one of — if not the first — platform to lower the bar for everyone to join the NFT space, and it comes with various first-on-the-market features to set itself apart from others, including:


  • Fully customizable: a rich set of versatile tools to design a store that speaks your brand, even custom domain
  • Payment in custom tokens
  • Built-in marketing tools: Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel integration
  • Multi-store collaborators

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