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Potentially Hot NFTs To Create And Sell In 2022

Sam Tran
Sam Tran
Wed, 02 Feb 2022 17:55
Table of Contents

How To Spot Hot NFTs


4 Hot NFT Gems To Create, Hodl, And Flip In 2022


Create And Sell Your Hot NFTs on NFTify



A lot of artists and investors are making millions in NFT. Just a couple of weeks back, Ghozali Ghozalu—a young Indonesian student—sold 1000 of his selfies for $1 million on Opensea. Thus, being a millionaire at the age of 22.


These consistent stories of people creating and selling NFTs for whooping amounts have also attracted corporate bodies to the space. Similarly, Lamborghini just announced the launch of its NFT series. 


Looking at the caliber of players coming into the NFT world, it is evident that this is only the tip of the iceberg. However, most people are still unclear about the categories of NFTs to look out for or create in 2022.


At this point, one bubbling question in the heart of most people in the NFT market is, "What are the potentially hot NFTs to create and sell in 2022?" This brief essay will answer this question without much ado. 


How To Spot Hot NFTs

History has shown that not all NFTs have potential. There are various examples of NFT projects that have vanished. But amidst all this, there are still potentially hot NFTs. 

Here are some checklists to identify them:


1. The Vision and Roadmap 

One of the most basic criteria to spot any hot NFT is the vision and roadmap. This shows that the project has a direction. Check out the utility of such an NFT and their strategic plans to reach their goals. 


You should see these details when you join their Discord server. Similarly, check out the credibility of each of their core team members in the NFT space. Particularly, research if none of them has ever been involved in a rug-pull. 


2. The Community and Liquidity 

Every NFT project must have the backing of a strong community. This means that a lot of people believe in the project and are actively involved in it. 


In turn, the number of community members who have bought these NFTs shows that the project has liquidity. This is important so you'd be able to find bidders for these NFTs if you want to flip them in the future. 


3. Utility

For any NFT to have potential, it must serve a purpose. This is how to know whether or not an NFT would soon fade with time: "What exactly is this NFT used for?" If it is not used for anything, then it is safe to say that it has no utility. 


A popular example of NFTs with utility is decentraland, its NFTs signify landed properties and other items in the Metaverse. A similar example is Axie NFTs which are used as in-game characters. 


4 Hot NFT Gems To Create, Hodl, And Flip In 2022

1. Personal Tokens

Since everything can be tokenized, experts in various industries are now tokenizing their time, intelligence, and expertise. This is how personal NFTs work: the buyers can trade these NFTs with the creator to have access to consult with him, leverage his experience, and enjoy his service. 


If you are a creative who is highly experienced in your domain, you should mint personal NFTs to tokenize your knowledge. Primarily, you will determine your price depending on how much you think you are worth. 


On the flip side, you can also allow your clients to determine the price by auctioning your NFTs; this can multiply your initial price tag. So far, the only person who has created something close to personal NFTs is Matthew Vernon - an experienced freelance designer. He launched 100 tokens that are backed up by one hour of his time. 


2. Real Estate NFTs 

Landed properties will always appreciate, no wonder real estate is always posited as the safest form of investment. With non-fungible tokens, real estate is about to go to the next level. Realtors can tokenize their property to have digital representations, thereby giving people the ability to have fractional ownership. That is, whoever owns one of those NFTs owns some certain part of the property. 


The more the properties appreciate, the higher the worth of its NFTs. Thus being one of the hot NFTs to create and sell in 2022.


On a keener look, NFTs would save people from stringent regulatory procedures of acquiring properties since they already have proof of ownership. 


Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch, made history as the first person to buy a studio apartment as NFT. He bought it for $60k in 2017.


3. Fashion-related NFTs

This is a gold mine that most fashion brands and investors haven't explored well. Megan Kasper of Red DAO once said in an interview with Cointelegraph that fashion-related NFTs will make a big name in the future. 


As the Metaverse is gaining more adoption, avatars would need digital wearables. Digital wearables are "clothes and fashion accessories" that each avatar can wear in the Metaverse. 

At the moment, the total sales volume that people have spent on NFT wearables in Decentralized is over $12k; this figure will multiply in the future. 


Apart from the Metaverse utility, luxury fashion brands are now launching NFTs to maintain a stronger connection with their customers and build stronger communities. 


Reports have it that big brands like D&C, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton have launched their NFTs. Therefore, fashion-related NFTs are a potentially hot NFT that creators can create and sell. 


4. Metaverse NFTs 

On the 19th of January, Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard—the maker of the game "Call of Duty''—for the breathtaking sum of $68 billion. Microsoft announced this acquisition amidst her Metaverse plan. 


With big companies—including Facebook and Adidas—placing bets on the Metaverse, it is a pointer that Metaverse-based NFTs have the potential to be hot gems. These NFTs can be land, ships, cars, and other digital items. 


Bearing in mind that items in the Metaverse would appear mostly as NFTs and avatars, the roles of NFTs in the Metaverse cannot be overemphasized. Since we are still in the early days of the Metaverse, artists should focus more on creating Metaverse-fit NFTs. 


Create And Sell Your Hot NFTs on NFTify

Now that you have ideas of potentially hot NFTs, it is time to create and sell them on NFTify. We are the home of NFT entrepreneurs, creators, and artists because we provide a platform where they can easily sell their NFTs. 


You can build up your store within a minute.  So far, close to 7,000 stores have been created on NFTify because our platform is easy to use and it's helping the business of creators. You can integrate your domain into our platform and choose your preferred chain to build your store on. We currently support up to three chains: Polygon, BSC, and Ethereum, and we are planning to support more blockchain networks in the near future. 


Outlook matters in branding, and that's the reason we have made it easy for you to customize your store in a way that fits your identity. Fortunately, you don't need any technical knowledge or help to build your store since it is simple and intuitive. 


In the same vein, our platform has a re-sell feature that can fetch you royalties whenever people sell your NFTs. You keep earning these royalties as long as your NFTs are changing hands. Coupled with that, we also built a revenue management system for you to keep track of your sales and be more accountable. Go ahead to build your store now. 



As a billion-dollar market, the NFT space will keep spiking in trade volumes till it enters hundreds of billions. Therefore, it is a lucrative market for creators and investors to create and sell potentially hot NFTs. 


If you are a photographer, illustrator, artist, musician, institution, or investor, you should focus on creating these categories of potentially hot NFTs:

  • personal NFTs 
  • real-estate NFTs 
  • fashion-related NFTs 
  • metaverse-focused NFTs 
Sam Tran
Sam Tran
Content Creator
Sam is the Content Creator of NFTify. He’s inspired by learning people’s stories, climbing mountains, and traveling with his partner.
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