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Ownership Transfer Is Now Live | Sprint 25 Release

Ly Dam
Ly Dam
Mon, 03 Oct 2022 11:34
ownership transfer
Table of Contents

Ownership Transfer


Change Default Payout Address


Various other enhancements

In this Sprint release, we introduce two new long-awaited features – NFT collection ownership transfers and NFT marketplace ownership transfers, along with improvements to Navigation, Theme Editor, and Pages. And to make you manage your NFT marketplace a bit more seamlessly, we have also revamped how Payout Addresses work when listing your new sell orders.


Let’s dive in to see what the new changes are all about:

Ownership Transfer

In the blockchain world, ownership is almost a fixed, unchangeable concept – but it doesn’t need to be. With the new Ownership Transfer feature, you can now appoint anyone to be the new owner of your NFT collections – or even your entire NFT marketplace, which means even more flexibility for your NFT business.


1. NFT collection ownership transfer

One of the most requested features from our store owners is the ability to seamlessly transfer the entire NFT collections from one wallet to another – and here it is. You can now transfer the ownership of NFT collections that you own (*) to a new owner.

Transferring NFT collection

📌 Do note that there are a few conditions when transferring your NFT collections:

  • The NFT collections must be created on NFTify and after June 15, 2022
  • Your wallet address must match that of the collection owner

2. NFT Store ownership transfer

Even your entire NFT store can now be transferred to a new owner, which means more flexibility when making your management decisions. The process requires:

  • An email address of the new owner (new owner needs to have an NFTify account)
  • A wallet address corresponding to the email address of the new owner
  • Your current password for verification
Transferring store ownership
Transferring store ownership

There’s no hard limit on the number of times you can transfer your store ownership. And upon a successful marketplace ownership transfer, the new owner will have proof of ownership of all your existing assets, including NFTs, collections, sell orders, customer info, sales data, and control over all the store settings, including design and marketing, and collaborators.


And since a store ownership transfer is irreversible, it’s advised that you should make sure that your information is correct before transferring.


Change Default Payout Address

To make sure that you have an easier time distributing your revenues, we have added a new default payout address option that lets you set, change, and edit the payout address of your store.

This default payout address will be automatically selected anytime you create a new sell order, and it’s also where all your primary sales, royalties, and store fees collected from your collaborators will go.


Various other enhancements

In addition to the new features, we have also made some improvements to Navigation, Pages, and the Theme Editor.


1. Pages & Navigation enhancements

To offer more flexibility to your customizations, we have also enhanced Pages & Navigation with the ability to create new pages & menu items.


Create new pages  
Once created, you can use your new pages as menu items in the new Navigation tab where you can manage, create, and edit your desired menu. 


Any menu found in the Navigation tab can then be later chosen when editing your theme, which means more flexibility to create the kind of header/footer that you want.

A custom footer made with new pages

2. New announcement bar

To help you have a better time directing new visitors to your desired page, you can now create announcement bars at the top of your store – and the best part is this bar is freely customizable to your liking.

Announcement bars are located at the top of your homepage
Announcement bars are located at the top of your homepage

With this, you now have a better way to direct new visitors to your new NFT drop, new NFT collection, or your new campaign.


And that’s it for this Sprint! There are lots of exciting new features and improvements to bring you more flexibility and customization options, so don’t forget to try them out and let we know what you think in our official Telegram group.

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