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Interview with Minami Truong, Project Delivery Manager of NFTify

Tam Ly
Tam Ly
Tue, 22 Jun 2021 09:44
Minami Truong
Table of Contents

On his experience with NFTify project, plus his daily lifestyle

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Welcome to the NFTify diary, the edition of the team member interview series. There will be at least 2 interview articles published each month with the development team members of NFTify. Hence, you can get an inside look at NFTify team, to find out what we do and love, life around us, and our behind-the-scenes story.


Minami Truong has spent nearly 15 years working in the tech industry in Vietnam, successfully leading hundreds of software development projects, especially Blockchain projects such as cryptocurrency exchange, ewallet, ICOs, Dapps,… In 2020, He joined Ekoios and take the position of project delivery manager in NFTify project.


NFTify, a project that aims to provide one place for an influential NFT marketplace and brand. We have built the Shopify of NFTs, with a difference. At NFTify, NFT shops operate at the convergence of the nextgen blockchain and Web 3. Buyer and seller matching is more highly interconnected, intelligent, and relevant. NFT transactions are transparent, traceable, and copyright protected.


In this interview, Minami Truong:

  • Talks about his responsibilities as the delivery manager in an IT company.
  • Shares details of his passion project — NFTify
  • Gives his long-term plan for NFTify
  • In the lightning round, he will share his idea of the perfect holiday.

❤I spoke with Minami Truong on June 15 after his meeting with NFTify team about the plan for the next sprint of the project. A glimpse of little fatigue after the long meeting but his eyes sparked the huge excitement when he talks about the NFTify.


Hi Mr.Truong, can you describe what you do at NFTify?


I am responsible for coordinating and managing the entire development progress of NFTify. On a day-to-day basis, I lead planning processes, prioritizing the work needed to be done against the capacity and capability of the team, controlling the project issues, and solving those issues. This might include facilitating daily stand-ups and other sprint protocols and coaching the team on Agile tools and techniques. Sometimes, I also work with the sales team to deal with customers and clarify business requirements.


That seems like a lot of work to manage!


Absolutely, as a project manager, you have a lot on your plate. However, I am happy to have a team of talented and hard-working colleagues. You know, many hands make light work. They have a high determination and commitment to the project deliveries, helping the project always in 100 percent performance.


Can you tell me more about your experience in this project ?


NFTify is our quite distinct project and brings me many novel experiences. We obviously encounter many ups and downs when carrying out the project. We have to deal with the time constraint along the project progress. Sometimes, the time-fund for each sprint is relatively narrow while there are plenty of new functions needed to integrate. The team has to try all the best and work against the clock such that we have to work overtime someday and engage more team members to pitch in our project. All the members join the effort to keep the project always on track and maintain effectiveness.


So time is the biggest challenge to this project?


I would say so. Besides, Blockchain technology can be seen as a relatively new and sophisticated field so we have to spend time adopting new information every day. Accordingly, we not only update our technological blockchain capacity to meet the system requirements but also focus on our tasks to race against the time.

Minami truong NFTify project manager


You mention a lot about your colleagues, how important is the team to the project success?


Aside from many hard-working hours, I am lucky to have a team of talented and professional experts. Many of my colleagues graduated from the best universities and have long experience of working in the finest IT enterprises in Vietnam. They have contributed incredible work to make the project meet all the high-class standards. Besides, we are willing to help each other and share the burden so that we are never overwhelmed by an enormous amount of work and still get the work done perfectly. Every day is a new extraordinary journey for us, we view difficulty not as the disappointing rocks lying on our road but rather as an exciting challenge to overcome.


How about the board of management?


We get continuous and instant support from our board of management. Our executives always stay with us side by side, and provide all the necessary resources to ensure the best operating condition for our project scheme.


Many people are awaiting the NFTify debut, so can you tell me how the project is going?


Well, I got exciting news here! We have so far completed three-quarters of our product development phase 1 and come close to the launching day. According to plan, phase 1 focuses on putting NFTify on the production with the most completed features, so our platform will certainly roll out soon, expectedly in July. We have already finished the 3rd sprint of phase 1, and eagerly embark on the last sprint.

Anyone can start NFT business with NFTify

It’s great to hear that, I am so excited for the launch day. And can you tell more about some specific features of NFTify?


In sprint 3, we improved features that allow buyers to make sell orders and buy the NFT items. We also put some last work on customized themes so store owners can use them to design their store and brand name. In the last sprint, we will make some improvements to the available functions, perfect the UX experience, and add up some important contents like “About Us”, “FAQ”, “Term of Use”. We are making the best-prepared work on the last stage of the progress to ensure that NFTify, when hitting the market, be the successful and class-leading platform for NFT admirers.


A little reveal of what you’re up to phase 2?


After phase 1, we will integrate new features and tools to expand our NFTify ecosystem. We intend to build a secondary marketplace where customers after creating the store can have the market to trade with other NFT collectors. There also will be a lending, collateral platform where people can collateralize NFTs to execute Defi transactions, and Gamified for gamers to trade Gamified NFT.




I am gonna ask you a few questions to get to know about your personal life, are you ready?


Sure, I am in!


What do you do to start the new day?


Let’s see! I check my email to follow up with my team and answer my business partners. That’s what I normally do.


What do you do to enjoy your day off?


I often play with my kids as I have 2 beautiful kids. With a busy schedule on weekdays, I normally spend a lot of time at the company and come home late at night. My kids often sleep at that time so I can only make use of my weekend or day-off to get close to them and enjoy family moments.


What is your irreplaceable item when you leave home?


Hmm… Perhaps my mobile phone.


What kind of comics or film universe do you want to live in?


Doraemon. This comic book is attached to my whole childhood. I have so many dreams and visions about that world. Indeed, many magical gadgets and ideas from Doraemon come into reality in the form of modern technological utilities.


Thank you Mr. Truong for joining this interview with me! Wish you all the best in life and the project NFTify will come out successfully to be the class-leading platform in NFT space.


Thank you! Let’s keep updated with our progress. NFTify will come out soon and anyone can register for the platform free of charge.


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