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NFTify Bridge is officially launched!

Ly Dam
Ly Dam
Thu, 15 Jul 2021 09:44
NFTify bridge
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Besides the remarkable debut of NFTify store with the open arms of NFT community, we happily announce that NFTify bridge also comes into the world. 

The bridge paves the way for the user to easily swap N1 tokens among different blockchain networks, helping them to get the suitable N1 with the network tailored to their purpose. 

NFTify Bridge
NFTify Bridge


Furthermore, NFTify bridge stands out with many specialties, let’s check it out:

  • In the NFTify bridge, you can swap N1 tokens via various blockchain networks in a few seconds. Just enter your amount value of N1 and the network you want to exchange, the transformation will be done perfectly and right away.
  • The bridge provides you with a transparent showcase of N1 distribution between networks. You get a clear scene of the up-to-date N1 values in each network along with percentage distribution.
  • Another big splash is the transaction history. The NFTify bridge integrates the transaction history helping you to trace back all your previous transactions and get a clear picture of your financial N1 situation.

With the suite of outstanding features, NFTify bridge is expected to deliver a great quality-of-life experience for users and adds a touch of class to the NFTify ecosystem. 


How NFTify bridge works


Let’s start enjoying NFTify Bridge now to put your N1 to the best use and take off your NFT business to go further along the blockchain endeavors.


→ Let’s make a great start with NFTify bridge! You can join the link here:


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Ly Dam
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