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Event Recap: NFT Summit Tokyo [pinnacle]

Son Vu
Son Vu
Tue, 22 Mar 2022 11:43
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On March 17 - 18th, 2022, Nikita Ngan Nguyen, CEO and Co-founder at NFTify joined the NFT Summit Tokyo to talk all about all things Web3, with a focus on NFT and its increasing real-world relevance. And with other speakers, we tried to solve the big challenge – bringing mass adoption of NFTs into the “black box” that is the Japanese market.


Joined by the event are top global speakers who are leading the innovation, with names that have probably come across your mind before. 

Here is a short summary of all the big speakers:

  • Steffie Harner, Founder of Lady Japan
  • Joi Ito, Co-founder, board member, and chief architect of Digital Garage
  • Nikita Ngan Nguyen, Co-founder & CEO of NFTify
  • Anis Uzzaman, Founder & CEO of Pegasus Tech Ventures
  • Benedict Macon-Cooney, Deputy Executive Director of Technology and Public Policy at Tony Blair Institute

And a lot more. For a full list of speakers at the event, click here.

The NFT space in Japan

During our first talk, we went over how NFT is rapidly becoming mainstream in the western part of the world, where big brands and corporations are starting to get involved with NFTs and achieving overwhelming success with their involvements.


And with the world moving at such a rapid pace, we tried to work with other speakers to discuss the current state of NFT in Japan – along with how together we can make a difference.


By September 2021, nationwide, Japan has the largest proportion of adults who said they did not know what an NFT is (90%). Only 10% of Japanese adults are aware of NFTs, of which only 2.2% actually possess NFTs.


Japan is culturally one of the richest, most creative countries that introduced manga, anime, karaoke, incredible video games … to the world. These are all very unique, which is a key element that NFT represents as a digital asset. With this being said, we believe in the great potential of Japan being the leading NFT market in the coming years.


Amidst all this, the role of our platform – NFTify – is to provide a place where Japanese creators and businesses can launch their own branded, customized NFT marketplaces without any upfront cost or technical barrier.

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Son Vu
Son Vu
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