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NFT Fashion, NFT and its growing role in fashion landscape

Son Vu
Son Vu
Wed, 04 Aug 2021 09:44
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Table of Contents

What makes NFT so alluring to fashion enthusiasts?


How do fashion brands dive into the digital NFT world?


Wrapping up

The world is witnessing a vivid development of NFT applications in various big industries such as music, gaming, sport, and fashion. The marriage between fashion and NFT seems to be a new concept to all fashion admirers but NFT actually shows great potential in this garment industry.


Many famous brands start using NFT to add an innovative touch to their production and selling strategy. In a clothing world obsessed with exclusivity and authenticity, NFT that guarantees those characteristics makes perfect sense. In this article, let’s find out the impact of NFT in fashion and its application in this long-standing industry.


What makes NFT so alluring to fashion enthusiasts?

Scarcity is the featured value of NFT and is also the basic standard for luxury fashion. NFTs can help fashion brands to reach a new level of exclusivity as well as convert digital collections and designs into highly luxurious, scarce, and authentic custom pieces. Sneakers and streetwear are the two pioneer fashion categories that apply NFT in one part of their sale plan. 


Still, for the customer, the idea of investing their money into virtual garments is quite challenging. But with the thriving era of the Gen-Z, the NFT fashion brands may aim to the energetic and open-minded group of customers as they are familiar with top-notch technology, susceptible to the new change, and can use social media to help spread the NFT’s infinite values.


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Another value that brings NFT closer to fashion is the feel of owning the true brand. With the luxury famous brand, customers do not buy expensive coats or shoes just to satisfy their usual dressing needs. 


They purchase these exorbitant items as they want to inherit the culture, spirit, and unique story that is established behind the brand and they want to be part of that culture. NFTs can be seen as social assets that help customers gain a certain status over their admired brand and also offer a new trading market for fashion lovers.

nft fashion

How do fashion brands dive into the digital NFT world?

One of the famous brands making a big splash with NFT is Overpriced, the virtual hoodie brand. This label was able to sell an NFT hoodie at a staggering price of $26,000. 


As the name says all the companies want to sell hoodies that are overpriced and focus on the customer demand of showing off their collectibles and their money. 


Owning digital NFT shoes can resolve the key issue with luxury fashion: buyers want to show off their splendor outfit but don’t want to see it become wear and tear after a period of use, so they desist from wearing it. And with Overpriced hoodies, the sneakers stay forever in their assets and demonstrate their outright ownership over the brand.


Another prominent NFT fashion brand is RTFKT, the virtual sneaker shoe brand that offers unique digital NFT shoes. The label and digital artist Fewocious issued Air-Force One-Esque virtual sneakers at around $3000 and $5000, which is much higher than the real physical version. Still, 621 pairs of digital shoes were bought with a total sale of $ 3.1 million.


Dress X, a digital fashion store, has an innovative idea with NFTs. It is the first international digital fashion multi-brand retailer that produces digital fashion collections from well-known contemporary brands and 3D designers. 


Customers who come to DressX, can purchase fashion items and also send a photo of themselves, hence they will receive a digital photo of the dressing on these outfit pieces. From the brand perspective, the ultimate purpose of fashion is to show off the highly fashionable photo on media and other social networks. 


Accordingly, with DressX, the customer can quickly attain their desire without actually buying a physical fashion item. The company also plans to open the NFT fashion marketplace in the future, meeting the demand of consumers to trade their digital clothes and opening more creativity and business opportunities.


Gucci, one of the high-class brands, also joined the NFT waves. The label launched its first NFT product, which is the fashion film inspired by the eminent fashion collection, Aria. 


The film embraces the meaningful message from Gucci, which is the desire for renewal, a yearning to flourish after the shadow of winter has passed. This NFT work is a part of an auction at Christie’s ‘PROOF OF SOVEREIGNTY”, all the sales will be donated to Unicef USA to support vaccines Covid 19. 


This first debut NFT of Gucci marks the significant moment for the historic brand to head toward the new exciting and innovative technological media. Gucci announces that they will research and launch more NFT fashion designs in the future.


Wrapping up

Many famous brands are collaborating with fashion designers and digital artists to launch their first NFT items and make their entry into the NFT space. Fashion brands are approaching NFT meticulously and learning this new technology to reap the infinite potential of NFT in this industry.


For fashion brands without much technical experience with NFT, NFTify is ready to help. In concrete, NFTify provides a platform for fashion labels to easily set up the NFT store with zero coding and low service fees. Thus, the fashion creators who are learning NFT new tech can still quickly set up their own store and issue digital products in NFTify.


With just a simple click, everyone can make their own store. The fashion labels and their creators, hence, can establish creative clothing collections to connect with their fans without spending huge resources on building the system. It is noted that NFTify supports multiple NFT formats from video, audio, 3D images,… so the creators can upload virtual clothing items in a plethora of designs from sneakers, jeans, hoodies to even fashion films, videos. Also, NFTify is building a secondary marketplace for store owners like fashion designers to have an exciting platform to trade their items and engage closely with fans.


As exclusivity is one of the important values for fashion labels, NFTify integrates the AI engine to scan any replicated items or copyright infringement. Thus, fashion designers can feel safe to upload their products on the platform and remain high unique and authentic. Besides, NFTify is building a secondary marketplace for NFT creators to have an exciting space to trade clothing products and engage closely with fashion lovers.


As can be seen, the key value for brands is to increase engagement and loyalty among their fans. NFTify can all bring all these qualities as memorable products can ensure customer loyalty. The physical products might deteriorate over time, but the collector items and digital pieces remain forever along with brand culture and spirit.


With a long experience and strong blockchain knowledge background, NFTify team is ready to help fashion labels, creators, designers without technical experience in NFT to create NFT stores swiftly and head toward the NFT exciting endeavor.


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Son Vu
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