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NFT Business Ideas 2022 | How can you make money with NFT?

Ly Dam
Ly Dam
Tue, 18 Jan 2022 10:33
nft business ideas
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Top Lucrative NFT Business Ideas To Implement In 2022


Build A Store With NFTify To Sell Your NFTs 


Final Words

New problems or technology always pose a subtle avenue for entrepreneurs and investors to make more money. But they can only take advantage of these new technologies by implementing business ideas to solve the problems there. 

In connection to that, the recent massive awareness and adoption of non-fungible tokens have caught the attention of various entrepreneurs, creators, and investors. Therefore, they have been on the lookout for how they can come in and be profitable in the NFT market.

Recall that the NFT market, according to Bloomberg, is worth more than $40 billion in 2021 and will be more bullish this year. Against this backdrop, it is a brilliant move to build a thriving business in the NFT industry.

However, it is easier said than done. While everyone understands that they must implement NFT business ideas, they are not too sure of the exact problems to solve and where to come in. 

Apart from that, some creators and investors don't know the procedures to bring their NFT business ideas to the limelight. On this note, this essay gives a thorough outline and explanation of these NFT business ideas.


Top Lucrative NFT Business Ideas To Implement In 2022

1. NFT Consultancy Services

With big companies like Adidas and Nike coming into the NFT space, it is a pointer that a lot of other blue-chip companies would join the trend in the future. 

But since most of these companies don't have enough knowledge about the space, they would need a guide to walk them through. That is where they'd need your services as an NFT consultant. 

You will need to help them determine the best angle for them to enter NFT, what it would cost them, what they should get in place, and how to gain global relevance. 

Do you consider yourself as someone worth his weight in gold as far as NFTs are concerned? Then you should monetize your knowledge by being an NFT consultant. 

One of the reasons NFT consultancy services sound appealing to most people who want to do business in the NFT world is that it requires relatively little capital to start. Thus, being a good entry point for someone who wants to make millions in NFT without breaking the bank. 


2. Paid NFT Courses 

At the moment, only a few people know what NFTs are all about. As a matter of fact, research shows that about 66% of Americans haven't heard of NFTs and 14% have heard but are unsure of what it means. 

This happens because there is largely no single NFT course that is comprehensive and acceptable worldwide. What people know about NFTs today is through scattered materials across the internet. 

This leaves a loophole of education that a paid NFT course can fill. If you are looking for a lucrative NFT business idea, try to shoot a rich video where people can learn about NFTs from the beginner level to the advanced one. 

Here is a pro tip:

You can set up a blog or a YouTube channel where you'd be dishing out high-quality content that will both impact and impress your audience. These sales funnel works every time. 

For example, Ivan on Tech—a Blockchain YouTuber—used to release high-quality videos on Technical Analyses and the crypto market generally. Around last year, he started building his blockchain academy brand called Moralis Academy. 

A lot of his audience on YouTube bought his courses. You can apply the same approach in your NFT sales funnel. 


3. NFT Marketing Agency 

One of the major problems in the NFT space currently is the shortage of Marketers who have niched down and are experienced in NFT marketing. 

A random marketing agency may not be able to plan and execute strategies for an NFT project. To be clear, it takes an NFT-focused marketing agency to successfully market an NFT project. 

With hundreds of NFT communities forming every day, each of them would need a marketing agency to oversee their affairs and bring them to the limelight. NFT marketing agencies would be a hot cake from this year onward. 

If you want to establish an NFT marketing agency, you should have a strong background in both marketing and blockchain. This track record will set you apart. 

What would you be doing as an NFT marketing agency?

You will be managing everything relating to Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Community Management, Paid Advertising, PR, and Business Development. 


4. NFT Media Outlets 

This is a billion-dollar NFT business idea that no one has engaged in. The media is the backbone of every industry because it furnishes the people with pieces of information and also influences their sentiments. 

TechCrunch, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and The Wall Street Journal are top-tier media outlets in the tech world. According to findings, the founder of Bloomberg—Micheal Bloomberg—has a net worth of over $55 billion. Axel Springer, the owner of Business Insider, also has a net worth of $3 billion. 

This is probably because each of them got into tech reporting early enough. Their early adoption helped them to gain more popularity and build heavyweight authority globally. 

On this note, the NFT space needs a go-to website to be abreast of the latest news and events in the industry. 
As the founder of an NFT media business, you can make money through data aggregation, paid press releases, gated content, and lots more. 


5. Mint and Trade NFTs

Creators are needed at the core of NFT. There is a huge demand for more people to bring creativity and fresh perspectives to the NFT space.

So one of the NFT business ideas is to mint your NFT collection. 3LAU, a popular musician, minted and sold one of his albums as NFTs; he made $11 million within a day.

Don't feel threatened if you are not a musician or a celebrity, Anthony Azekwoh—an African digital artist—claims to have made millions of dollars from selling his NFTs.

What is the NFT business idea for you if you are not a "creative or creator" at all?

Start trading NFTs. Buy the NFTs from these creators, wait for the floor price to increase, then flip it and make your money.


Build A Store With NFTify To Sell Your NFTs 

As we have mentioned above, minting and selling NFT is as lucrative as other NFT business ideas. But all this can be overwhelming for you as a creator if you don't showcase your NFTs. 

NFTify is a platform where you can build a store, showcase your NFTs, and sell them to prospective buyers. It is just like Shopify, but for NFTs. You can simply brand and customize your store with just clicks. 

We know that copyright is dear to creators. As a result, NFTify has a built-in AI that helps the users to detect a fake token. Thus, it is a safe place for creators. 

You can join thousands of other creators by registering to build your store. 


Final Words

There are other NFT business ideas like NFT loan services, NFT fashion business, and lots more. All this points to one thing: NFT business ideas are infinite. 

Therefore, don't limit yourself to only the business ideas listed above. The more NFTs go mainstream, the more business ideas will surge. 

While there are many NFT business ideas, we recommend you execute one at a time. This would make you channel your energy and resources in one direction. 

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