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Introducing NFTify | All-in-one solution for creators to build their own NFT Marketplace

Ly Dam
Ly Dam
Sat, 24 Apr 2021 09:44
Introducing NFTify

A year ago, before most of the world had heard of NBA TopShot NFTs — now a half-a-billion-dollar business — Nikita Ngan Nguyen started receiving streams of pressing requests from clients around the world. The clients of the AI and blockchain consultant to global startups and enterprises faced a challenge without a solution. Recognizing the tremendous value creation opportunities in tokenizing and selling their digital assets as NFTs, they were anxious to launch NFT marketplaces for their art galleries, gold, and other commodities, sports trading merchandise, and a myriad of other uses.


But no Shopify of NFTs existed. Even TopShop had to resort to third-party NFT marketplaces to sell its popular sports trading cards. Meanwhile, world-famous artists and art galleries were in a panic about losing business as the art world shifted online during the COVID-19 pandemic. Time was of the essence.


They could create their own OpenSea but that would take 20 months, and NFT sales were growing at an unprecedented rate. After several months of discussions and research, Ms. Nguyen learned precisely what her clients sought in an NFT marketplace. Drawing on their expertise as top AI and blockchain technologists, the Shopify of NFTs with unparalleled e-commerce features was born, NFTify.

Why NFTify?

Lacking a bonafide NFT e-commerce solution, social media has been barraged with NFT marketing. Twitter, Telegram, and other social media channels are saturated with new NFT launches. Or NFT sellers may go the OpenSea or Raribles route, but here too they will be drowning in a sea of new NFT brands, from indie artists to space entrepreneurs.

Most NFT marketers are feeling overwhelmed. Many feel as if they are throwing their marketing dollars out the window as they watch their marketing ROI spiral downward. In a highly fragmented market, how do you reach your target market?


introducing NFTify platform to build nft marketplace
Anyone can create NFT Marketplace with NFTify


Current e-commerce marketplaces limit shops to their tools and services which, in turn, are limited by their centralized technology. Backed by the power of next-generation blockchain technology, NFTify has assembled an advanced set of e-commerce tools so users can build powerful NFT brands.


NFTify was created to provide one place to build an influential NFT marketplace and brand. We have built the Shopify of NFTs, with a difference. At NFTify, NFT shops operate at the convergence of the nextgen blockchain and Web 3. Buyer and seller matching is more highly interconnected, intelligent, and relevant. NFT transactions are transparent, traceable, and copyright protected.

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Limitless Earnings and Monetization Potential

NFTify brings a new level of functionality to all aspects of online buying and selling. Everything from your product searches and purchases to payment processing and intellectual property rights is more efficient.

  • Easily issue NFTs and sell at a low cost
  • Take a larger share of the revenue as a part-owner in NFTify
  • Increase your earnings potential with NFTs through staking, collateral, and other uses on the interoperable PolkaDot ecosystem

Powerful Branding for Your Marketplace

Brand marketing is not limited to the marketing tools of one centralized platform. Branding capabilities are expansible across other e-commerce markets.

  • Create your own branding for issuing, selling, and trading NFTs
  • Use customizable plug-ins to improve your brand
  • Seamlessly connect to other e-commerce, data, and more services across Polkadot and other ecosystems

NFT Copyright & Copycat Protection

The rise of social media has made it easier than ever to promote artwork worldwide, but digital goods are also more vulnerable to theft and, a growing problem, imitation. The proliferation of Crypto Punk takeoffs is one example.

With NFTify’s copyright search services, NFT buyers and sellers do not have to worry about copyright infringement, legal gray areas, or astronomical legal bills defending a copyright infringement. Using our copyright search engine, our built-in AI detects fakes, duplicates, or similar tokens.


The NFT e-Commerce Platform for Advanced Digital Content Solutions

Until now, the technology did not exist to build the ultimate e-commerce market. With these features, NFTify assembles all the aspects that have been identified to be the most influential on e-commerce market expansion: highly targeted marketing, customer-centricity, self-learning search and matching tools, and intellectual property rights protection.

Go ahead & open your NFT stores via:

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create your own nft store with nftify
Ly Dam
Digital Marketing Specialist
Ly is a Digital Marketer and SEOer at NFTify, curious about the humans behind the brands and the moments that motivate them to create.
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