ChainGuardians will have their own store on NFTify | Creator Stories | NFTify
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ChainGuardians will have their own store on NFTify | Creator Stories

Son Vu
Son Vu
Tue, 20 Jul 2021 09:44
ChainGuardians will have their own store on NFTify | Creator Stories
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About ChainGuardians


About NFTify

ChainGuardians and NFTify are delighted to announce a collaboration focused on creating simple and intuitive experiences for NFT transactions. NFTify encompasses the vision of creating Shopify for NFTs. Naturally, improving usability for consumers is imperative as ChainGuardians continues to pursue mass adoption of Blockchain Gaming.


The use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have grown at an exponential rate in recent months and rightfully so; NFTs empower digital asset holders and artists alike to create freedom of choice and expression. ChainGuardians are at the front-running for NFT use case development and tokenized gaming experiences — NFTify creates an opportunity for improved NFT transactional processes. ChainGuardians’ ERC-721 tokens can now be traded on NFTify, the first trading platform designed for the world of digital content.


With NFTify hosting ChainGuardians’ first superhero game NFT store, users of both platforms will be able to exchange NFTs in real-time from a single e-commerce hub.


ChainGuardians users may use NFTify to:


  • Buy NFTs on the NFTify multi-chain platform
  • Safely store NFTs on the blockchain
  • Connect with other users in the ChainGuardians and NFTify communities to trade unique characters in real-time
  • Utilize NFT tokens for use in other games
  • Receive and exchange accessories, characters, and other NFTs created for blockchain games
  • Mint NFTs on other platforms to participate in external games or tournaments and earn ownership stake earnings on other platforms
  • Use the NFTify AI Services search engine to detect copyrights, duplicates, and counterfeits
  • Use customizable plug-ins to promote NFT products and brands

The ChainGuardians ecosystem offers two cutting-edge


ChainGuardians hosts an NFT Mining and RPG gameplay. The former works with the PoS system and to improve the player experience, its developers have established partnerships with other similar NFT projects such as CryptoBeasties, Chainbreakers, and My Crypto Heroes.


So the partnership with NFTify will not only allow NFT Mining on a single platform but will open a world of possibilities for real exchange between the allied communities of ChainGuardians and NFTify!


As the NFTify store becomes part of the game, ChainGuardians players will be able to create more value from their tokens, increasing their earning potential in competitive ‘battle to win’ tournaments.


NFTify will provide a highly scalable e-commerce solution to ChainGuardians to support their growth and high sales volume from trading their collectible cards.


NFTify is a multi-chain platform. With the integration of multiple networks, users may freely select the blockchain network with which they feel familiar without being limited to a specific network. With NFTify, our clients can open NFT stores on different networks, including BSC, ETH, Polkadot, Polygon, Reef, among others.


About ChainGuardians

ChainGuardians is a player-driven platform that combines traditional gaming concepts with blockchain technology. Developed on the Ethereum blockchain, the ecosystem of this platform allows players to participate in free NFT mining and role-playing games (RPG), both of which allow players to earn income as a reward for their time and energy in support of the platform.


About NFTify

NFTify is a multi-chain platform that enables anyone to create their own fully functional NFT marketplace in just a few minutes, without coding or upfront cost required. The platform is one of — if not the first — platform to lower the bar for everyone to join the NFT space, and it comes with various first-on-the-market features to set itself apart from others, including:


  • Fully customizable: get access to a rich set of versatile tools & theme templates to design a store that speaks your brand
  • Payment in custom tokens
  • Built-in marketing tools: Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel integration
  • Multi-store collaborators

Go ahead & open your NFT stores via:
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