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NFT AMA Session Recap: NFTify x Creator

Dung Ho
Dung Ho
Sat, 21 Aug 2021 09:44
NFTify x Creator
Table of Contents

Live Part


Find out more about Creator Chain

On Friday, August 20th, Tony - CEO and Co-Founder at Creator - joined a live AMA with the NFTify community. He answered questions about the Creator project, upcoming plans, partnerships, and much more.


This blog post includes a recap of the live AMA session and features the questions asked by community members, as well as Tony’s answers.


Sam_Tran: Welcome everyone to the AMA. Today, we’ve been joined by Tony Tran from the Creator team.


Tony Tran: Hello guys, have a good day!


Sam_Tran: So first, can you introduce yourselves and go over your background so everyone in here gets to know you better.


Tony Tran: Hi everyone! My name is Tony Tran- the CEO and Co-Founder of Creator.


Firstly, thanks NFTify for hosting me today. It is really my honor to be here today. I see this is a great opportunity to share with you all about our promisingly rising star, namely Creator.


Few words about me, I started working in this field for over 15 years and leading VMO Group — one of the top 10 IT companies in Vietnam by now. Well, such a certain time. Right?


My experience spreads from all IT-related to business-related topics. Honestly, I’m a tech-enthusiast at heart so I never let myself miss out on any technology updates such as front & back-end applications, programming languages, along with the market trend which is crypto and blockchain currently. That’s all about me!


Sam_Tran: I see you are coming in with a very strong background, which is great for the project. How did you get into crypto?


Tony Tran: well, As I shared above, I’m a tech-enthusiast at heart so I never let myself miss out on any technology updates.


In addition, being a leader of a top technology company in Vietnam, I take the responsibility to lead our ship to the successful path. One of the paths is entering into the crypto and blockchain field.


I’ve been in this industry for quite a long time, enough to see all the good days and bad days of the market. However, I strongly believe in the potential of the market and there is still has massive volume to enter into the market. That’s how I get in.


Sam_Tran: You certainly keep yourself busy! And I’m sure you have gained a lot of experience in this market.


Let us now proceed to part 2: We will have some questions about the Creator project. First, let’s talk in detail about the Creator project. What are the main features of the project?


Tony Tran: Creator is known as a Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform to empower the DeFi and NFT world. The creator is outstanding for 4 main features: No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DAPP, Loyalty program, and Defi services.

Creator's platform overview


By these features, Creator provides services and options for everyone could easily enter the blockchain network with an economic cost.


At the same time, Creator provides Low Code DApp for developers without any blockchain skills required to build DApp and leverage blockchain; whilst enterprises are able to integrate blockchain technology in their DeFi, payment applications, supply chain processes, etc for transparency and cost-efficiency.


Creator aims to create a decentralized infrastructure for peer-to-peer networks. One of the use cases of Creator is providing a platform with a full package of services to help anyone from creators, developers to game-oriented merchants to tokenize any products into NFTs and integrate them directly into their own platform.


Sam_Tran: Interesting! So one of your unique products called No Code Smart Contract (NCSC) sounds so attractive. It means anyone can publish products that even if you are not a programmer, you can release blockchain products. Specifically, I want to know how non-programmers can utilize this system.


Tony Tran: Let me get this straight when creating a smart contract on Ethereum, on a very high level, you need to write its code, test, and finally deploy it.


However, decentralized applications and smart contracts require pretty extensive for the front-end, testing, and connecting your smart contract to the web3.


Without having a reasonable foundation, you won’t get very far.

No code smart contract


With Creator, instead of wasting several weeks or even months to learn coding as well as the surrounding blockchain development technologies, the only action our clients need to do is to fill in some initial information and some clicks.


Nikita Ngan Nguyen: That’s awesome 👏


Tony Tran: Without blockchain skills, the developer can easily create, build, test or/ and deploy smart contracts. The creator platform will also support multiprogramming languages.


Our No Code Smart Contract has the ability to generate many types of smart contracts such as Standard smart contracts (i.e. ERC20, ERC 721, ERC 165, ERC223, ERC 621, etc), specific business smart contracts (i.e. Permission, Whitelist, IDO/ICO Sale, Redeem, etc) and customize smart contracts.


Nikita Ngan Nguyen: Can you please explain to our audience a little bit about the demand for smart contracts these days?


Tony Tran: Smart contracts permit trusted transactions and agreements to be carried out among disparate, anonymous parties without the need for a central authority, legal system, or external enforcement mechanism.


As we study, a lot of companies need a smart contracts for their blockchain project, but they don't have enough good resources to develop them.


Nikita Ngan Nguyen: So your market is big! That’s awesome 👏


Sorry for the interruption 😅 I’ll let Sam move forward


Sam_Tran: Most imp question. Could you give us an overview of tokenomics? How about the IDO plan? Where and when do you plan to launch?


Tony Tran: Thanks Nikita. You are right @Sam_Tran, it’s the most important thing that the community want to know. Let me share with you our token allocation:

Token allocation


Our token is symbolized as CTR and has 150,000,000 of supply and has been allocated as the picture shows.


Next thing is about the IDO. I’d love to share about Creator IDO date and time. Creator will launch on Ignition Pad and it will take place on 8 September and the second is on Moonstarter 2hours later.


For the IDO on Ignition Pad, Creator will have a fixed allocation of 2,000,000 CTR tokens to purchase for holders at a fixed price of $ 0,1.


Nikita Ngan Nguyen: Great! NFTify also launched on Ignition.


Tony Tran: There will be a fixed allocation of 1,000,000 $CTR tokens on Moonstarter Launchpad for purchase.

Creator IDO


For more information, please follow us on our channels which will be shared in the end of the AMA. I’ll keep you updated! 


Sam_Tran: Great. IDO date is coming very close!


We’d love to hear more about the major utilities of holding the #Creator native token? How does the team plan to enhance its further value so as to attract users onboard?


Tony Tran: First thing first, CTR token can be used to pay fees for the BaaS infrastructure and any transactions on the Creator platform.


In the meantime, holders can use CTR to buy NFT of creation products on the marketplace, which is interchangeable for loyalty points, vouchers, gifts, or para chain rewards.


You can also swap from any other token via Defi protocol. Holders can increase their member’s rank and exploit more benefits in the ecosystem. CTR is interoperable with other chains such as Ethereum, Polkadot, and Binance. Creator commits to offer you an optimized cost, full fit service, and shorten go-live time.

Token Utilities

Our token is designed to guarantee the stable development of the Creator project and also raise the benefit of buyers/investors.


We are also considering deploying Defi services to help holders earn benefits such as Staking and Farming, one of the upgrading paths that we’ll provide the community in the near future. More will come. Join us and see!


Sam_Tran: Awesome. It’s great to hear that Creator will have Staking and Farming. Defi is a must now.

Tony, where do you see Decentralized Applications in the next 5 years? Can you share your view?


Tony Tran: Woa, this is so interesting. I’d say that the growth in number and innovations of Dapps what we are seeing now is just the sketch on the surface. In the other words, we are only beginning to experience what is possible with the development of decentralized applications.


The more Dapps are launched, the closer we are to achieving a more democratized playing field of business participation and user value generation.


I believe that Ms. Nikita shares the same opinion with me. She would give you an additional view of the decentralized applications in the next 5 years.


Nikita Ngan Nguyen: For sure we’ll see a flood of Dapps in the coming years.


Sam_Tran: You know, building communities is one of the most critical but essential points that leads the project to success. Do you agree? What are the other points of a successful project?


Tony Tran: Yea, sure. We are living in a new world where all the definitions of traditional marketing do not right anymore. Today a good reputation is more valuable than money. Building communities where they trust and stay with us are crucial. Especially, nowadays, many projects have rug pulled and exit scams.


Besides, there are many elements to contribute to a successful project such as the leadership, the core team, marketing plan, and the value of the project to the community, besides the technology.


Sam_Tran: Alright, that’s cool. And the last question before we move to part 3. Do you have any plan for a partnership with NFTify in the future? 😊


Tony Tran: I have to admit that NFTify is doing well in the role of the pioneer in the industry, contributing to raising awareness of the community of the NFT and decentralized world. Creator will be the next-gen inheriting and improving these values.


Hopefully, in the near future, we could be partners in one or more than that to grant value to the blockchain economy and the community.


Sam_Tran: Thanks. I also look forward to seeing our partnership.


Now we will move onto Section 3: The live AMA session where everyone will be allowed to ask any related questions and earn rewards.


Live Part

Question 1: I noticed that your project will be launching a testnet event in Q3 this year. Can you explain in detail how we can contribute to this testnet event and What are the requirements to participate?



Creator’s test network is available here:


If you enter the URL to the web browser, you can see in the block explorer website main features are available such as accounts: balance, transfer, networks: staking, developers: contracts, extrinsic, RPC. here are some screenshots.


Question 2: What is the Creator income model? How to generate profit from the project as an investor?


Tony_Tran: Creator aims to monetize on 3 channels: B2C, B2B (enterprises), and Developers, by offering different packages corresponding to each type. Such as B2B: Dapp for Defi or payment apps, Blockchain-based loyalty program; B2C: tokenized products; Developers: Self-build DApp based on Low Code Dapp and blockchain solutions for customers.


Question 3: How can you guarantee security on your blockchain, since even the UK’s Cashaa exchange was also hacked before?


This’s also the most question that the holder always asks me. Creator Chain was audited by Certik — one of the leading blockchain auditing and cybersecurity firms.


Our report came back very positive and we also take security very seriously and will be meticulously testing all of our products before launching them to the public.


Question 4: Covid-19 has a bad impact in almost every sector. So, as crypto projects how did it affect you? How you and your team have done the work in the pandemic?


Tony Tran: It’s a real-world issue that most of us get affected by it.


I agree Covid 19 has slowed many economies around the world. Particularly, it has impacted us significantly both ways but more positively.


Our team had to work from home for a while, which was so inconvenient for any projects but despite all the obstacles, we kept our team members closer and stronger. Together we can make it!


I believe from the side of an investor, Covid 19 helps people have more time to consider and decide which project is trustable among thousands of projects released every day and we are proud of being one of the trustable and potential projects.


Question 5: Store owners will need to provide KYC when creating a store in Creator. However, these accesses are often limited, especially in Latin American countries, such as Venezuela. Are there any limitations within the Creator with respect to countries?


Tony Tran: There are no limitations within the Creator with respect to those countries. For this reason, that Creator is a decentralized platform. Everyone from over the world could reach out without any restrictions.


Sam_Tran: Thanks, Tony. It was amazing to have you here today! Thank you everyone for joining us today and we sure had a blast. The channel will be unmuted very soon.


Tony Tran: Such an amazing AMA! Thank you guys for all the attention and questions! Again thank you @NFTify for hosting me today. It was great talking to you guys today!


Please look forward to our further development along with announcements in the short run and don’t forget to follow our official channels here for instant updates! Other than these are all fake!

Find out more about Creator Chain



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